Deus 9ft & Single 2016

deus 9ft single 2016

Harrison Roach won the Deus 9ft and Single 2016 event with a spectacular longboarding display on perfect Canggu right handers – with a cleared lineup.


Kiane Sabet – Amokrane Dead

Kiane 'Amokrane ' Sabet

Canggu Bali resident and French national Kiane Sabet aka ‘Amokrane’ was shot by police after attacking and fatally stabbing one of the police officers from the North Kuta Police force, identified as Anak Agung Putu Sudi.

On Facebook a post from someone who says ‘I lived in the same region as this guy – Canggu Bali for a couple of years. Complete nut case. Many people I know had scary confrontations with him in the last couple of years. Banned from most of the gyms in Bali”.


The Spa Haven of Bali

This article expresses some of the most pleasantly and even heavenly Spas of the Island of Bali in Indonesia:

  • The Karma Spa, Karma Kandara: is renowned for its scenic beauty close to the Indian Ocean. This spa consists of luxe huts that are sublime and rustic and a seductively laid infrared detox sauna. This spa is lifted to an even more higher vibration with its therapeutic massages, celebrity oxygen facials and healing reiki included into their GMO Free Treatments- dedicatedly provided by their anatomy trained Body Workers.


Rob Machado surfing the Bukit Peninsula

Rob Machado

“I spent a little over a week out on the Bukit Peninsula shooting with my good friend Ivan Tanjung. It’s a collection of waves from three different sessions.”


The Best Places to Visit in Nusa Lembongan

This Balinese island is no longer just a place you mark on your agenda for a day trip. It has become increasingly popular as a vacation destination and rightfully so! Just 20 kilometres off the southwest Bali coast, you’ll discover the island paradise of Nusa Lembongan. Excellent snorkelling, fantastic diving, uncrowded white sandy beaches, and world class surf make this the perfect destination. Here you can have the Bali experience without the hustle and bustle of the other tourists.

Don’t let the slow pace here fool you. There’s tons of things to see and do, depending on your interests. Relax on the beach from your Bali villas, go diving for manta rays, take a cliff top walk, explore the mangrove forests, visit the Hindu temples, or check out the seaweed farms. Be sure to enjoy the stunning sunsets that are ready to astound you.


Clay Marzo Surfing

Not even shot in Bali, but it’s worth publishing anywhere!
Song Credit- Metallica, Fade to Black, Edited By Kieran Clark, Filmed By John Barton


Bali 9ft & Single Surf Comp 2014

From Deus ex Machina

The Deus ex Machina 9ft and Single event for 2014 was held at the Canggu / Pererenan river mouth right hand break featuring some World class longboarders and a bunch of local ex-pats.

The competitors all rode 60’s inspired single fins and showed how much style they all had with beautiful take-off’s, tubes, long arching bottom turns and styling cut-backs.

This year Devon Howard took the winner’s trophy and won for himself a custom Thomas X Deus 9’6 board.

3 Best Beach Clubs in Bali

Just like there are endless experiences to be had in Bali, there are also endless beach clubs to choose from. We have made the job easier for you by showcasing our top three.

 Karma Beach Bali

If you are seeking an exclusive beach, hidden from the hustle and bustle of Bali then Karma Beach Club with its ‘secret’ location is a must on your destination list. Karma Beach is nestled at the foot of a cliff with luxury villas and surrounded by pristine white sand and a sparkling blue lagoon. Getting to the beach club is half the fun, you can either jump aboard the memorable funicular ride which gravitates down 85 metres of sheer cliff face or there is a set of beach stairs for those wanting to experience the local flora and fauna. The well-stocked oyster bar of this Aegean Sea inspired club serves us gourmet pizza, tapas along with a fine selection of quality liquors, champagne and beer. The white stretch of beach with calm waters make it great for kids, for mum and dad can lounge in one of the plush armchairs while keeping an eye on the kids as they play.


4 Best Surfing Spots in Bali for Experts

Here are 4 of our all-time favourite surfing spots in Bali.

Impossibles (Intermediate – Advanced)

Overlooked by cliff-top hotels and some very nice Bali villas, this place is known for its speed, Impossibles gets its name because it is almost impossible to get around the sections during smaller swells. The beauty about Impossibles is that it is such a huge stretch of reef that there are a few different launching spots, meaning that it virtually never gets crowded. On a good day this wave is known to be long and fast, reaching heights of 5ft and over. If its peace, solitude and a long ride that you seek then the Impossibles should be on your hit list.


4 Best Seminyak Restaurants

Here are our top 4 favourite restaurants in Seminyak at this time. If you have chosen to stay in a luxury villa in Seminyak, then these are a few of you go-to restaurants to check out.


This Asian influenced  dining establishment has become one of the most sought out restaurants in Seminyak.The combined restaurant and cocktail lounge takes traditional Asian street food to a new level, inviting guests on  a journey of taste sensations across Asia, Indonesia, China, Japan, and Korea all with a hint of  Balinese flair. The food is consistently great, and Sarong prides themselves in serving up only quality food that is authentic, fresh and locally sourced.

Location:19x Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, Bali


Rob Machado Uluwatu Bali

Rob Machado rips in the epic waves of Uluwatu, on Bali’s South Western coast.

2014 Bali Masters AFL Championship

The swanky Canggu Club in Bali has just played host to the 2014 Bali Masters Australian Rules Championships.

Twenty three teams from across Asia and Australia lined up against each other on the specially modified grounds of the pristine Canggu Club in Bali.


Drifter Surf – Coolest Surf Shop in Bali?

drifter surf

The Drifter Surf Shop is one of my favourite shops in Bali. Whether you are looking for a Dick Van Stralen quad or a Channel Islands board, maybe an ultra-cool Patagonia backpack, Speargun or GoPro, Drifter has a wide and interesting array of surf and water related products set in an ultra cool, retro space in the heart of Seminyak.

Surrounded by hotels , restaurants and uber-cool Bali villas it features eclectic fashion brands that you won’t find at most surf stores in Bali, shelves of hand-selected books and collected memorabilia including a large selection of artwork, photography and memorabilia all available for purchase.


Bali Attractions Include Recreational Drugs

recreational drugs bali

When it comes to visiting Bali we hear a lot about the sun and surf, but there are other less conventional attractions that bring people to Bali and they include recreational drugs such as ‘magic mushrooms,’ cocaine and marijuana.

Early on the local authorities were either not aware of the drug tourist market or they chose to ignore it. Today, the government ranks among the toughest around for illegal drugs. It doesn’t even have to be “hard drugs”. All illegal drugs seemed to be viewed with the same contempt.


Do You Want to Get Your Vagina Smoked? Then Come to Bali

vagina smoking

How would you like to have your vagina smoked like a high class Javanese woman? If you do not know what we are talking about, it is time you did! Indonesia has an entire beauty industry that has grown around intimate care.

Javanese women of the upper class participate in pre-wedding event that takes 6 days and it involves Asmaragama or love massage, Kendedes or vagina smoking or fogging. Vagina spas also called VG spas and V spas boomed throughout Indonesia and can be found in some of the upscale spas in Bali.


Schapelle Corby Released

shapelle corby

Shapelle Corby has been released from Kerobokan jail in Bali today. She has spent more than nine years in Hotel K on drug charges. She departed the jail in a van with a massive media contingent and chaotic scenes.

Indonesia’s justice minister, Amir Syamsuddin approved Corby’s parole application late last week, and she is expected to be freed this afternoon after a lengthy meeting at Bali prosecutor’s office discussing her parole conditions.


Japanese Woman Spend Big on Bali Gigolos

bali gigolo

You might be surprised to discover that Japanese magazine is reporting that Japanese women are heading to Bali because they like what they see – Gigolos – yes that’s right. Bali beach boys are serving Japanese women and making a very comfortable living making love to them.

For one-time encounter, Japanese women are spending 584k Rupiah or about 5.000 Yen. It does go as cheap as 233k Rupiah or 2.000 yen and as high as 1.1 million Rupiah or 10.000 yen for a full day, which is one of the most popular services offered.


The Best Places to Visit in Nusa Lembongan

Nusa Lembongan is no longer just a day trip attraction. Just 20 kilometers off Bali’s southwest coast it has become a popular destination, and rightfully so! Currently this location remains a well kept secret, which means things aren’t as crowded here like some other areas of Bali.


Community Based Tourism is Growing in Uma Abian Bali

Community Based Tourism is Growing in Uma Abian Bali

Bali is home to the delightful small hamlet of Uma Abian (in the Belayu Village) Tabanan. While this may not be an area of Bali you are familiar with, if you are planning a trip to Bali it is most definitely an area you should explore.

Uma Abian has been spending a great deal of time developing the area for community based tourism and the results are definitely impressive. Agung Prana, who has worked a great deal within Bali’s tourist industry was quick to give this little community some assistance.


Bali Mandara Toll Road is Now Open to the Public

The opening of the Mandara Toll road to the public was met with great excitement. This toll road is going to make a difference of about 20 minutes from the Ngurah Rai airport to Benoa turning a 30-minute ride into a 10-minute drive. That’s exciting. The Bali Mandara toll road connect Nusa Dua with Ngurah Rai Benoa, Bali

It seems with the opening came some glitches and travellers were quickly reporting that there were significant traffic jams after the exit gates. These glitches are sure to be worked out over time as the excitement of the new route returns to normal and traffic patterns stabilize. Once the toll charges begin it’s likely locals will opt for the old way of commuting and that will take a great deal of pressure off the new Mandara toll road.

If you have not seen pictures of this toll, you should take the time to have a look. It is really quite an amazing achievement and visitors are not only going to save time, they are going to get a spectacular view as they travel this highway.

According to a recent Read more »

Gay Massages in Bali for Same Sex Couples

Gay marriage is now legal in many countries around the world and Bali is quick to recognize the importance of being a gay friendly country. Even though the traditional family is very important in Bali, they are very relaxed when it comes to homosexual relationships. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Bail spas offering massages for same sex couples.

There is nothing to stop you from walking into any one of the massage parlours and ask for a massage for two with your partner, but it would be a lot more comfortable if you knew that the spa or massage parlour you are visiting actually did massages for gay couples. Umalas has one very friendly spa that openly invites gay couples for massages catering to a male clientele. There are actually some amazing spas throughout Bali that cater to gay couples and their needs.


Bali Government Wants to Preserve Traditional Bali Games

When Balinese children attend school they learn the Balinese language, but they also learn traditional Balinese games such as Gala Gala, Tajog, and Bakiak/Terompah. However, the concern is that these traditional games are going by the wayside and thus an important part of Balinese culture could be lost. It seems these days Playstation and other video games are becoming more popular than traditional games. In fact, in some schools the children are no longer taught these traditional games.


Marketing Bali: Image Ideas

When you’re building a website about Bali vacations aimed at the tourist industry, what kind of image should you use to represent Bali? We’re talking about the overview here – designing your website, logo, banner, or business card.

The good news is that Bali is such a rich landscape of culture and natural wonder that you have a wide choice of iconic representations to choose from. What we mean by “iconic representations” is, for example, think of the Disney theme parks. The first image that came to mind was probably a set of mouse ears. Or think of the tourism industry for France – notice how the image of the Eiffel Tower immediately flashed through your mind? Things like that are iconic – they represent their place using a picture.


Kuta Bali Equals Babes and Booze

kuta sex bali

Kuta in Bali is well known for its backpacking centre for those who are on a pleasure seeking mission, its cheap lays and its cheap beer. If your Bali vacation goal is to take your abroad fun to a whole new level, then your trip to Bali needs to include Kuta. Let’s have a closer look at Kuta’s babes and booze.

Surfing, babes, partying and fun sum up most Bali vacations in Kuta. It’s an amazing place to have amazing experiences and there’s no judgement about what you are up to. You control how crazy your experience is. It can range from the downright interesting to the whacky and weird – it’s really in your hand.


Snowing in Bali Drug Trafficking In Bali

snowing in bali

It’s snowing in Bali. What? Snowing? Never! Actually, when we are taking about snowing in Bali this is the code that is used by drug dealers when a very large cocaine shipment has landed in Bali. For the men who are in charge of Bali’s drug empires, it means it’s time for them to get rich.

This practice dates back to the 1980s, when smuggling cocaine to Bali entailed the use of South American surfers. This was certainly big business! The drug trafficker’s methods were alternated depending on what was being scrutinized by the authorities. A surfboard shaper would be paid $5,000 to embed the cocaine into the surfboard and then the surfer would travel to Bali with his/her board.


Pura Tirta Empul Sacred Bali Destination

Balinese worshipers have been coming to Pura Tirta Empul for thousands of years. It is said that Indra created this sacred spring along with its curative properties. The tradition carries on today. The only exception is that today tourists and locals alike visit Pura Tirta Empul.

On the temple you will find the inscription date of 926 AD as the founding date. Since then the Balinese people have come here to bathe in these sacred water and to enjoy the spiritual and healing benefits. While on vacation you should make sure that you come experience Pura Tirta Empul for yourself.


Bali Hosts Talks to Outlaw People Smuggling

Bali recently hosted an international forum on illegal trafficking of humans. Bob Carr, Bali’s Foreign Minister, says that there are 37 countries that have jumped on board and agreed to outlaw people smuggling and these countries will be cracking down on illegal trafficking.

The conference got started with the Foreign Minister of Indonesia, Marty Natelegawa, asking for early detection and higher prevention of human trafficking and more effort in stopping people smuggling.


Bali Highway Benoa-Nusa Dua Nearing Completion

According to The Ministry of Public Works the highway construction above sea level that will connect Benoa, Denpasar and Nusa Dua has reached 83% and for Bali that’s very exciting.

“Now the construction is on schedule and will finish on time,” said the Head of Highway Management Agency Ministry of Public Work Ahmad Ghani Gazaly in the middle of regional consultation meeting in Denpasar.

According to the Minister, a special consultant has tested the quality of the 11 kilometres of road construction, and it passes with flying colours. Thus far, the weather has not been a factor in the completion of the road construction, which has made the Minister very happy.

The Minister of Public Works Djoko Kirmanto had a similar opinion and was also extremely optimistic that the Denpasar-Nusa Dua highway would be completed by May of 2013.

“We believe that the target will be achieve since there is no serious obstacle,” said Kirmanto.

This road construction isn’t like the road construction earlier that was delayed because of issues with land acquisition. According to the BPJT, there are actually 24 major road construction projects happening in all of Indonesia, but most are in Java.

Bali’s Vice Governor, Anak Agung Ngurah Puspayoga is quick to remind the public that the contractor that is in charge of the Bali road construction project is very attentive to the surroundings and working hard not to disrupt the surroundings.

“The location of the road construction is crossing sea and passing the mangrove forest, so the contractor handling the road construction project has to concern on the mangrove preservation,” said the Bali Vice-Governor Puspayoga accompanied by the member of Indonesian Republic Parliament Nyoman Dhamantra when monitored the road construction.

“The mangrove forest is not only returned to its condition, but also should be enriched with additional plants inside the forest area, especially on the side of the highway,” says Puspayoga.

It is the hope of the government officials that The Mangrove Forestwill preserved just as it is. From your Jimbaran villa you can easily take your car service to explore what Mangrove forest has to offer. In fact, everyone should!

Four Pillars to Stabilize Tourism in 2013

Bali has been enjoying significant growth in tourism but Bali’s provincial administration recognizes the need to address concerns and challenges if they expect to continue to enjoy this lucrative industry. In fact, provincial administration is working on the development of a new master plan that will address the complaints and challenges that they currently face in tourism development.

The master plan will focus on developing a blueprint of what is referred to as the four key pillars – the goal is to create tourism development programs for the short, medium, and long term, that adhere to the all bylaws and government decrees.

What will the four pillars cover? Destination development, human resource development, promotion, and the tourism industry. The focus will be to ensure tourists see Bali as a quality destination.

Bali province tourism office head Ida Bagus Kade Subhiksu said, “The bottom line is to create Bali as a quality tourist destination – inside and outside.”

The Bali government has not ignored the complaints that they have received from tourists and a number of international tourism organizations. These include security issues, connectivity issues, lack of infrastructure, and poor management.

The Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport has already received $211 million US to upgrade. This is considered only a short-term Band-Aid solution that does not address a number of other infrastructure problems that Bali faces.

Mr Subhiksu said, “It is predicted that the number of passengers using the airport’s services will rocket in the coming years, while at that time, Ngurah Rai will no longer be able to accommodate the rising demands. Air transportation plying the European and American routes is still out of reach… we rely on tourists coming from the Asia-Pacific region.

There are also changes occurring that outside the direct scope of government. For example, a wider selection of great villas are being made available throughout the island, that will meet the needs of tourists that want different things from their vacation and who have different budgets.

It’s exciting that Bali is responding so positively to the foreign tourists who are making demands on what was once a place visited only by the wealthy, and one of the best kept secrets in tourism.

Bali Has a Nightlife Worth Talking About

If you are planning a vacation to Bali and you are excited to experience the nightlife you have heard so much about, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Don’t let the size of the nightlife fool you – most of the nightlife is located around the harbor area and includes waterfront entertainment that is lively. Bali attracts visitors of all ages and its tourism industry is very well developed. Not only can you enjoy an outstanding nightlife you can enjoy a stay at a private Bali villa that’s also outstanding and you can do this on a budget. Seminyak and Kuta Kuta area is really the centre of the nightlife in Bali. There isn’t usually an entrance fee to the bars, and many of the clubs offer a Happy Hour to promote tourism. Seminyak has the chic bars and clubs and offers the most sophisticated nightlife. Ubud The nightlife in Ubud is more traditional. It is gentle and quieter but don’t confuse this with boring because it most certainly isn’t. Enjoy traditional Balinese dancing while you hang out here. Sanur Sanur is home to tons of restaurants that offer traditional Balinese dancing throughout the night. There are some excellent hangouts here that stay open until the guests are ready to head out. There are many other places that have an excellent nightlife experience to offer. For example, Casablanca has open-air pubs and really loud discos, which are popular with the younger crowd. The open street side bars are also very popular and are found in many different areas. If you want more of a western experience not to worry because the Hard Rock Café awaits you. You can enjoy whatever type of nightlife you choose – there really is that many options. Whether you want to live it up a little or a lot there’s a place for you in Bali.

Cheap Bali Holidays a Reality

Most of us have seen some of the amazing pictures of Bali and until now have only been able to dream about a vacation to this exotic destination. Well, there is some great news because now cheap Bali holidays are actually a reality. This means that anyone can afford to getaway and enjoy everything that the magical island of Bali has to offer, including staying in your own private Bali villa.

Palm trees blowing in the breeze, beaches abound, open seas that seem to never end, warm sandy beaches, warm clear water – what could be more relaxing than this idyllic setting that involves a Bali vacation. The ocean is perfect for snorkelling or swimming. Surfers swarm to Kuta Beach from around the world, and it is also, where you will find the liveliest nightclubs. Oh, did we mention Kuta Beach is also the perfect place for watching romantic sunsets.

Perhaps you would like to explore the interior part of Bali Island – why not go for a nature walk, go for a horse ride, or do something really different and take a Jeep safari far into the forest.

If you like to shop and want to explore the markets Sanur and Kuta are great places to find those special gifts – fascinating local crafts and unusual gifts. But the very best souvenirs like woodcarvings, stone carvings, or batik paintings can be found in Ubud, which also offers the best museum to learn all about Bali’s culture and history.

A visit to Bali Barat National Park is a must – here you can see some of the indigenous Bail wildlife including lizards, snakes, and monkeys. There is even a volcano to admire at Mount Agung – it’s really worth checking out.

Since the 14th Century, Bali has been a Hindu island and some of the most beautiful shrines and interesting temples are found here including Besakih, which is the largest temple of the country.

Bali is well known as an excellent destination for honeymooners, romantic getaways, but it’s just as great a vacation destination for a family, or a single. Don’t miss what Bali has to offer – it is the place of memories!

Private Jet Charter Services in Bali Grow

As tourism grows in Bali and more and more business venues appear the demand for private jet charter services grows, and Bali companies have stepped up to that demand. In recent years there has been significant expansion in these services.

Embraer Legacy 600

This new business jet is able to accommodate up to 13 passengers, and it can fly 3,250 miles on a 7-hour non-stop flight. This jet has the latest avionics and it also has an excellent entertainment system to make each flight more enjoyable. The Embraer Legacy 600 is excellent for busy executives and vacationers.

Air Bali Charter

This 4 passenger Piper Cheyenne 400LS is now available in Bali and offers exciting air trips to Bali points of interest. This fixed wing twin-turboprop aircraft is excellent for Bali vacationers that want to enjoy a bird’s eye view of paradise. This is the fastest turbo prop in its class and it has a cruising speed of 330 knots at 35,000 ft altitude. It can take off and land from 850m airstrips and has a 2,500 km range. This plane is also offered up as an air ambulance and for private charters.

Hawker 700 Private Jet Charter

The Hawker 700 is made by Raytheon and is in high demand for leisure charters and corporate travellers. They accommodate up to eight passengers and they offer a luxurious cabin with a full lavatory. The Hawker travels 420 nautical miles/hr and has a range of 2000 nautical miles at 41,000 feet. Premiair books private flights and tours and vacationers love the touch of luxury that this air-plane affords.

For business travellers and vacationers the increase in private jet charter services has been well received. Why not take a private tour from your Balinese villas and enjoy the view from high above.

Bali Predicts Foreign Tourists to Reach More Than 3 Million in 2013

The Jakarta Post report that predictions are for Bali to see more than 3 million foreign tourists in 2013, thanks to improvements to the islands infrastructure, which has lead to increased interest in travelling to Bali.

A toll road is being constructed that connects Benoa – Ngurah Rai Airport – Nusa Dua. A traffic underpass is being constructed at Simpang Siur, and the Bali airport is getting an extensive renovation.

The Bali Chief of Provincial Tourism, Ida Bagus Subhisku, projects there will be a 10% increase in foreign arrivals in 2013. During 2012, there were 2.8 million foreign tourists that arrived in Bali. The 2013 foreign tourist arrivals are going to also be strengthened because of several important meetings that scheduled to be held in Bali during 2013. This includes the APEC Summit of Asia-Pacific leaders.

The growing conference and exhibition sector (MICE) and meetings is important, but Bali is also focused on developing agriculture, water, retirement, and spiritual tourism. These are exciting growth sectors for Bali.

Bagus Ngurah Wijaya, the Indonesia Tourism Association (GIPI) chairman, does not believe tourism growth will be in excess of 10% in 2013.

“We haven’t set a high target because there are still a lot of things that need to be improved,” Wijaya admitted.

With improvements to tourism come more accommodation options as well. While hotels are popping up around Bali, one of the forms of accommodation that most interest foreign tourists is the luxury villas for rent that are available in different areas of Bali and offer a unique vacation experience. In addition, tourists are able to find a villa that fits their budgets and their needs. For example, while some travellers may want to be in the heart of the Bali nightlife, others may be looking to get away from it all. What villas are offering foreign travellers that hotels cannot is the ultimate experience in privacy and luxury. There’s no sharing the swimming pool, it’s yours. There’s no having to dine at restaurants because you have your own chef. These are things that foreign travellers are finding very enticing.

As Bali continues to make positive improvements to draw tourists the numbers are certain to keep climbing.

Tirtha Bridal Unveils Innovative Water Wedding

Tirtha Bridal is excited to unveil its most creative wedding yet. The new water wedding is innovative and incredible. What an experience for the bride, groom, and guests. This is the ultimate in perfect fantasy weddings. Couples will exchange vows on a the natural green stone altar that has been built specifically for weddings, which has then been set on an infinity pool, that is perched atop a Bali cliff.

The alter floats perfectly in line with the horizon so your backdrop is the spectacular Indian Ocean merging with the brilliant skies. This water wedding truly does offer the most surreal wedding experience ever. There are certainly a number of ways to tie the knot in Bali but this tops most.

For more information about the Water Wedding Tirtha Bridal is offering you can contact them at Jalan Uluwatu, Br. Dinas Karang Boma, Pecatu, reach them by phone at (0361) 847-1151, or visit their website.

To add the finishing touches to your wedding consider a Bali villa – not only as the perfect place for your honeymoon, it’s the perfect place to have your wedding reception. There are numerous choices in Bali villas to meet your needs and your pocket book.

If a water wedding isn’t your idea of the perfect wedding, not to worry, because Bali is well known for the variety of memorable wedding settings and themes it offers – there is certainly one that is just what you envisioned. You might even decide to have your service right at your Bali villa – that’s a popular choice for many, after all everything you want is right there – beautiful gardens, ocean views, private swimming pools, personal chefs and staff, and so much more.

There is nothing quite like a Bali wedding to start your life together – It is no surprise that Bali is one of the number one wedding destinations.

Bali Promotes Water Sports for Tourists

Bali has plenty to see and do – so much that in just one visit you are not likely to be able to enjoy all of it. But one of the things Bali has been promoting is the water sports it has to offer tourists, and they are numerous. Let’s look at some of the recommendations.

Fishing activity is huge on the island of Bali. There are numerous charters such as Xplore Charters Sportfishing Adventures, and Yos Marine Adventures. Your charter may fish for wahoo, Spanish mackeral, Mahi Mahi, and tuna.

River Kayaking
Bali Adventure Tours offers river kayaking. Challenge yourself, experience a solo kayak on the Ayung River in a two person inflatable kayak – experience the thrill.

River Rafting
There are tons of companies that offer river rafting including A True Balinese Experience, Bali Adventure Tours, Bali Rafting, Mega Rafting, and Club Aqua to name just a few. The trip lengths vary depending on where the rafting occurs. The Ayung River is a popular river and rafting often lasts around four hours. This is a thrill of a lifetime. There are different rapid classes so if you are experienced there’s definitely a rafting experience for you and if you are a new rafter there is an experience for you too.

Surfing is very popular on Bali. If you are staying at a Bali villa you may even be able to surf right outside your door, depending on where your villa is. There are a number of surfing schools including Big Kahuna Surf School, DEKOM Surf School, Pro Surf, and Rip Curl School of Surf – these schools offer different levels of training, so even if you have never surfed before you can learn how to surf in no time at all.

Bali offers numerous water sports, so if you love the water you are not going to be disappointed! Come explore and create some memories.

Jakarta’s Life Music Scene Evolving

Jakarta’s live music scene is constantly evolving but recently there has been a new wave of venues opening and that is exciting for vacationers and locals alike.

Black Cat Jazz & Blues Club
Jakarta has few places that are truly a jazz and blues club, but the Black Cat certainly is. You will find the Black Cat at the Plaza Senayan Arcadia building and every day there is life performances to entertain their guests. The sultry music wafts through the air and you’ll find yourself drawn towards the Black Cat.

Marley Bar
Don’t be fooled by the name Marley Bar is not a reggae bar. It is a hip place for young musicians aspiring to grow their careers combined with young adults who love live music. Marley is located in the Energy building. It’s a dimly lit bar with a relaxed atmosphere so it is perfect for getting together with friends for late drinks. There is live music every night, and on special nights, there is a tribute to 90s bands such as Coldplay, Blur, and Foo Fighters. On Wednesdays, customers can get on stage to sing with a full band.

Jaya Pub
A heads up here. Jaya Pub is not the place for those stylish party goers. However, if you love old-fashioned pubs that offer live music, Jaya Pub is perfect and you’ll love it! You’ll find Jaya Pub at the Jaya Building. It is likely the oldest pub in town, and it offers tons of charm. The crowd is mostly made up of tourists and expatriates who treat Jaya Pub as their second home. There is a live band every day, playing a bit of everything but mostly classics from Elvis Presley, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, and Guns N’ Roses.

Jakarta has a great nightlife and if that’s what you are looking for you won’t be disappointed.

Another attraction in Indonesia is of course Bali – The island of the gods. If in Bali, you will discover great night-life and ‘live’ music options in either Kuta, Legian or Seminyak along with some of the super clubs like Blue Eyes or Boshe VVIP Club, so while you are there, why not stay at a Bali villa. That way you can enjoy all that the night-life has to offer and spend your days recovering in your own private luxury villa complete with pool and staff.

Bali Promotes Itself as a Green Destination

Bali is a popular destination for vacationers from around the world, but they are also promoting themselves in a new light – as a “green destination.” There’s a lot of environmentally friendly opportunities in Bali.

Marine tourism has certainly taken advantage of this new way of promoting Bali. There are tons of dive operators in the area and marine tourism is running in harmony with coral reef conservation.

In the southeast part of Bali, there are some of the most amazing landscapes and some fabulous headlands that overlook the bays where you can see fishing boats dotting the waters. In Amed there are around 20 dive operators taking tourists out snorkeling and diving. Of course there are many others in other areas of Bali.

Kuta offers some amazing landscaped both on land and on water, as well as underwater. Sea lovers love vacationing in this area. Whether you want to snorkel, dive, or just go out for a sail there’s tons of opportunity.

There are all the wonderful Bali beaches to enjoy too. Walk along the white sandy beaches, soak up some rays from the shore, take in a magnificent sunset, or enjoy the sound of the lapping waves onshore.

There’s all kinds of wonderful green space to enjoy as well. Water or land Bali is so beautiful with so much to offer. You can take that even further by staying in one of the beautiful cheap Bali villas that offers lush gardens and ocean views from your own private swimming pool.

Bali tourism has been promoting green destination vacations and that’s attracted another entirely different element of vacation seekers. Bali offers an awful lot of fun in the sun and it also offers unique experiences like the orangutan tours. There are plenty of others. If green vacations are for you make sure you explore all of the wonderful opportunities in Bali.

Bali Hotel Market Will Evolve Dramatically in Next Few Years

Luxury Villas in Bali

Now that tourists know that Bali has been one of the best-kept vacation secrets, they are flocking to Bali at record numbers. That has put a great deal of pressure on Bali infrastructure, and Bali has responded with improvements to the airport and roadways.

Horwath HTL and Phuket-based C9 Hotelworks stated in a report that Bali, like other Asian resort destinations is facing similar dilemmas where public sector infrastructure is having a hard time keeping up with private sector investment.

“Like it or not, Bali’s evolving hotel market is set to evolve dramatically as we head toward the landmark AEC (ASEAN Economic Community) free-trade initiative in 2016,” said managing director of C9 Hotelworks, as quoted by Phuket Wan Tourism News.

This October, the attention of the world will be on Bali, as it prepares to host the APEC Summit. There has a been a $200 million US upgrade to the airport that handles 25 million passengers a year, along with a new toll road, key underpass, and other infrastructure upgrades.

There have been more than 12,000 new hotel rooms made available. But Bali villas in Seminyak are becoming a more desirable choice for a large number of tourists. While there is nothing wrong with staying in a hotel while on vacation, a large number of tourists are looking for a different kind of experience. Hotels, even the most luxurious, share some common components – shared dining areas, shared swimming pools, and for the most part lots of people roaming and lazing around.

The only way to avoid this is to stay in your room and that’s certainly not what vacations are about. Bali villas offer a more up-scale, private, luxurious stay with private swimming pools, personal staff including cooks, lush gardens, and so much more – it’s paradise. You can relax and enjoy the quiet, or entertain. It’s all at your discretion.

Australians are one of the main tourists to arrive in Bali, followed by the Chinese tourists, and more recently the Japanese tourists. These are exciting times to visit Bali – there’s so much to enjoy here. However, over development will certainly remain a concern for Bali government.

Bali is one of the World’s top Islands

bali beach

The world’s best resorts are located in Bali. Additionally, it is also one of the best islands, which families, newlyweds and even groups love to visit. The island is quite magical in captivating first time tourists. If you have never been to Bali, the first time you visit will probably not be your last; you will most certainly feel the urge to make return visits. It is such a captivating place to visit throughout the year considering the all season friendly tropical climate, and especially during holidays.

Tourist attractions

Bali has several historical sites that you can visit with your family and learn more about its origins and early days. The island plays host to several religious and sacred sites that an entire family can comfortably visit. Its beaches are among its biggest attractions and they pull in millions of tourists every year, numbering more than 2.5 million each year, with prospects of increasing numbers in the future. It is home to several excellent entertainment centres, and shopping arcades thus making it a modern yet traditional island.

Balinese culture

Bali has succeeded in maintaining its uniquely traditional culture in the midst of all this global attention. It has not lost any of its unique characteristics and features that have made it a must-visit global destination for vacation and holiday lovers. Bali is endowed with some of the most amazing marine life, which you will probably never see anywhere on the earth. Its sunsets, sunrises, animal sanctuaries, and children parks are other major attractions.

Bali has few competitors in the world, since very few islands possess the same features that are in Bali. Bali has won a number of awards at the international level. Lovers of adventure, surfers, clubbers, jet skiing communities, backpackers, and shoppers all congregate at Bali each year to sample what it has to offer. No one ever leaves Bali regretting, except where you probably never got the chance to visit all the top attractions listed on your itinerary.

Balinese Sanctuary for Women Travelling Alone Opens

If you combine women who are looking for a vacation where they can heal their mind, body, and soul with women who are looking for a safe vacation destination, you would come up with the brainchild of entrepreneur Zoe Watson, who opened Bliss Sanctuary for Women in 2010 in Bali.

Watson, who was scared to fly, left the corporate office for Bali in order to let her body recover after a bad car accident. In a world, including Bali, that offers all kinds of retreat vacations for women. According to Watson, what most don’t focus on is the actual travel experience. And this is something Watson knows personally.

“At the time, I said to my boss, ‘I need a month off or you need to get someone to help me’. He said, ‘You can’t do either or those; you can take next week’,” Watson recalls. She took what she could get and travelled to Bali – an option she thought wasn’t ideal at the time, but relatively simple, inexpensive and appeared to offer the safe, solo-travelling experience she was after.

But it only took Watson two weeks after returning home from her Bali break to come up with the idea for Bliss Sanctuary. In just four weeks, she was on her way back to Bali. What she wanted to do was create a sanctuary where those women who were travelling alone could take a safe, simple, and carefree break. There are all kinds of packages offered at the Bliss Sanctuary to make it easy for women to choose what’s right for you.

Success was fast. Within the first month of opening the doors she was half full, and just a couple of months later she was 90% booked to capacity. There’s no question that Watson had a great idea that’s been a success from the beginning.

For women that are looking for safe accommodations outside of sanctuary balinese villas are a great idea.

Bali Tourism Leads to Increase in Real Estate Sales

The rapid growth in tourism in Bali has also lead to a much higher demand in the real estate sector. Wealthy individuals along with a number of Indonesian firms are creating a buying frenzy in the real estate market, especially when it comes to buying land in the southern island.

According to a report done by property management company, C9 Hotelworks and Horwath HTL, in addition to the very active tourism market, Bali has also seen recent improvements in highways, the underpass construction, and the airport, all of which support the growth of the real estate market.

There has also been a spike in the number of hotels, condo hotels, and Bali villas that are becoming available. Villas in Bali are incredibly popular because they offer something that even the most up-scale hotels cannot offer – seclusion and privacy, along with spacious, luxurious villas, private swimming pools, lush gardens, and their own staff including cooks/chefs.

In the past few years’ Indonesian buyers have been key players in properly sales while buyers are generally from Australia, the USA, and Europe. The hotel branded residential sector attracts domestic buyers from Surabaya and Jakarta that are drawn by the return on investment.

C9 Hotelworks managing director Bill Barnett says, “Bali has been inundated by domestic demand. Both investment and end users, primarily from Jakarta and Surabaya, have been buying off the units,”

There is a limited supply of large parcels of land, and the development craze that’s currently underway, has led to land prices skyrocketing in Seminyak and Kuta. As land becomes scarce developers are looking to outer areas like Umalas, Kerobokan, and Pererenan, Kerobokan where prices are still much lower.

The demand in the real estate market will continue as long as investors see the potential for profits. Tourism is certainly not going to decline any time soon as the “secret is out.” Bali vacations are one of the best on the planet.

Bali Thriving Thanks to Tourism Growth

Bali continues to thrive as its tourism industry continues to grow and prosper. According to Horwath HTL and C9 Hotelworks, market wide occupancy is almost at 70%. In 2012, the average room rate was $137 US per night.

Australia, China, and Japan are all key to driving the demand, and Malaysia is thought to soon surpass Japan in the number of citizens heading to Bali for their vacation. US vacationers also heads to Bali regularly. It seems the secret is out – Bali is a great place to vacation.

Initially Bali governments may have found themselves struggling to keep up with their new found popularity, especially when it comes to infrastructure. But that is certainly not the case any longer, as they continue to undertake massive infrastructure upgrades to accommodate both tourism and the overall growth in Bali.

Bali locals are benefiting as well from their new found popularity as more employment opportunities arise, better business opportunities, and a real estate market that’s booming. Land is at a prime in Bali and as hotels scramble to find prime land to build, what they may not be realizing is a number of tourists are looking for a different kind of experience.

Easy Villas in Bali are allowing those that want a different kind of experience to be able to enjoy that experience. Now for an affordable rate visitors can have their own luxurious, spacious villa with their own personal staff including cooks/chefs, a private swimming pool, lush gardens, and a much more. Whether visitors are looking for some time away from it all in seclusion, throwing a wedding party, or entertaining guests, villas can meet all those demands.

Bali may be a busier place than just a decade ago, but the locals are also benefiting from this new found industry as millions of dollars are coming into what was once a stalled economy.

Aussies Love Vacationing in Bali

Aussies love to vacation and Bali has become one of their favourite destinations in the world – in fact; it’s 9th on their list according to travel reporter Angela Saurine. It seems the only places that are rating higher than a trip to Bali is a trip somewhere in their own country. They love Bali beaches, and they head to Bali in record numbers every year. Those numbers are continuing to grow and Bali tourist operators are spending more time focusing on this market. They love having the Aussies vacationing in their country and the Aussies love being there – it’s a win-win all the way around.

Childless Australians love Bali beaches, and they are very fond of  villas. Many of these people travel as couples or as a group of friends and a Bali villa offers the perfect in accommodations. Luxurious, spacious accommodations, with lush gardens, and private swimming pools, as well as on site staff such as cooks, beautiful ocean views, and so much more. It’s no surprise that this type of accommodation is becoming far more popular that hotel stays, because even in the most luxurious hotel there are still other guests to share the common spaces with.

The strong Australian dollar along with cheap flights has certainly lured more Australians to try a vacation in Bali than might otherwise have. As more and more people discover just what it is Bali has to offer, this once elusive vacation is now the destination of choice for many. Bali has so much to offer – history, culture, temples, shopping, spas, beaches, nightlife, relaxation – no matter what it is you need to get out of your vacation there’s a place in Bali that’s perfect for you. And with more flights and cheaper flights, becoming available getting there has never been easier.

Tanah Lot Temple Sees Record Number of Visitors in 2012

The iconic Tanah Lot Temple is a must see for anyone spending their vacation in Bali, and according to the tourist stats for 2012 more and more people are discovering this. A whopping 2.5 million people made it to the Tanah Lot Temple last year.

Tanah Lot Temple can be found on the coast of Beraban in the Kediri sub-district. It is 30 km west side of Denpasar town and about 11 km in south side Tabanan town. The temple is built on a three-acre rock and can be reached by walking for just a few minutes. Enjoy the strategically placed Balinese shops along the walk to the temple.

The Tanah Lot Temple has become one of the favorite destinations for vacationers in Bali. According to mythology along some of the coral reef nooks resides a holy snake that protects the temple from evil. It offers a magnificent view with spectacular sunsets that reach into the soul of the earth. The panoramic beauty will surely take your breath away. Stop and enjoy a bite to eat at one of the restaurants along the cliffs – you certainly won’t be disappointed.

Tanah Lot welcomed in the New Year with dancers, entertainment – celebrations occur throughout the year on special occasions.

Tanah Lot is about 45 minutes by car north-west of Legian, Seminyak, and Kuta. From Ubud it can reached in about 40 minutes by car. Book a luxurious and spacious villa in a Bali location such as Ubud, Kuta, or Legion, which all make excellent jump off points to explore all of what Bali has to offer. A villa offers you the optimum in accommodations – all the amenities, private swimming pool, lush gardens, outstanding furnishings that mix modern and tradition.

Come to Bali and explore all it has to offer – come make memories.

Bali Establishes Five Tourism Projects

With the growth of tourism comes the growth of Bali, and that includes the announcement of five new tourism projects with a value of Rp 21.5 trillion, which translates to around $2.2 billion US dollars. According to the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, four of these tourism projects are set to be constructed in Bali, while one is set to be constructed in West Nusa Tengara.

The four Bali projects will be well received by tourists. They include the construction of a golf course in the Buleleng district along with a resort and accommodations, and the construction of a marina and yacht facilities in the Badung district.

In 2012, during the first eight months, 5.21 million foreign tourists arrived in Bali and those numbers will continue to grow. It’s clear – the secret is out that Bali is one of the best vacation destinations on the planet.

While these five tourism projects will be well received by tourists, one should recognize that Bali already has plenty to offer. White sandy beaches are one of Bali’s top tourist attractions. You can walk for miles in the warm sand, go surfing, enjoy numerous marine activities, or just relax on the beach soaking up some rays. There are a number of beaches you can choose from – some are quieter than others, so you can choose what’s right for you.

The temples are another top attraction when visiting Bali. Besakih Temple, Tanah Lot Temple, Pura Luhar Temple, Pura Tirta Empul, and there are many others. Make sure your time includes visiting at least a few of the temples. You will be glad you did.

With so much to see and do in Bali, travelers can be unsure about accommodations. villa stays are becoming very popular. The offer spacious accommodations that can be shared among friends and family, all the amenities you could ever need including private pools and your own staff, and they are a great place to return after a busy day of exploring.

Bali has much to offer. The wise traveler may take advantage of new amenities like golf course, but will explore Bali for its culture and traditions.

Golfers Create List of Favorite Bali Golf Courses

Golfers lover to explore golf course and that applies to those who are in vacation in Bali. Those same golfers decided to share what golf courses were their favorites. Let’s have a look:

#1 Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club – 18 holes
Golfers like the challenge of this course and there is no difference in rates for members and non-members making it a popular choice for many vacationing golfers.

#2 Balibeach Golf Course – 18 holes
Not only will you love the golf course, you will love the clubhouse here. Located on the grounds of the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, which is a popular resort with tourists.

#3 Balibeach Golf Course – 9 holes
This 9 hole course is very popular with tourists offering a course that few have any complaints about. The Balibeach Golf Course Clubhouse is on the grounds of the Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel, another popular tourist resort.

#4 New Kuta Golf & Ocean View – 18 holes
If you are staying a Bali villa in Kuta and you love to golf, you will want to stop by this 18 hole championship golf standard course 6,812 m par 72 from black tee. There is plenty of variety so every skill level can come away satisfied.

#5 Nirwana Bali Golf Club – 18 holes
This is a course that has been designed by Greg Normal and it offers a fabulous challenge and this course is considered a world-class experience by golfers of all levels including the pros.

There you have it – the five most recommended golf courses by golfers for golfers. So regardless of where your Bali villa is located be sure to get out and explore what these golf courses have to offer. Of course, there are plenty of other golf courses – if time permits, be sure to explore!

Bali Wine Auction Returns January 20, 2013

In November 2011, the Bali Wine Auction enjoyed a successful first event. So much, that they’ve decided to host the Bali Wine Auction once again on January 20, 2013, at the Astor Ballroom of the St. Regis Bali Resort, located in Nusa Dua. If you happen to be vacationing in Bali at this time, this is an excellent event to attend.

This is the brainchild of Henny Santoso and Bill Busch of Lotus Food distribution, and colleagues in the Bali wine distribution sector were very quick to support the event.

The event begins on Sunday, January 20th at 3:00 pm with a one-hour ‘brown-bag’ blind wine tasting of six wines, which is followed by the auction from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm that includes 25 lots of wine and wine merchandise. The event is limited to 150 tickets so if this is something you would like to participate in while you are on vacation in Bali, be sure to get your tickets early. This is going to be one of those events you are glad you didn’t miss.

Luxury Villas are available throughout Bali, that are a great start to any vacation, and a wonderful place to return at the end of a busy day. Or spend your days relaxing by your private pool or enjoying personal spa treatments in the comfort of your villa. Bali is a wonderful place to vacation with so much to offer – enjoy the culture and local people, participate in the very active nightlife, go surfing or enjoy other marine activities, watch the breathtaking sunsets, go for a walk on the beach, visit the many temples, or explore the interesting and unique shops.

Up until recently, Bali was the world’s best-kept vacation secret – come find out for yourself why Bali is the world’s best vacation destination.

Bali Selected for APEC Summit 2013

Bali has been selected as the venue for the 2013 APEC Summit. This should come as no surprise since Bali has successfully hosted numerous international events. The APEC Summit will focus on promoting investment in infrastructure, and providing the appropriate tools to small and medium business for economic development.

The Bali government did a great deal of preparation to ensure that the 2013 APEC Summit would be held in Bali October 5-7. Bali will construct an overpass and underpass to handle the congestion so that things move along smoothly for the Summit. Ngurah Rai International Airport in Bali will be completed in June of 2013 so it will also be ready for the APEC Summit.

Bali has a seen a great deal of growth in its tourism industry in the past decade and it is anticipated that growth will continue into the future. In fact, tourism has become the main economic income for Bali. These improvements to the roads and airways are going to benefit tourists in general. More flights in and traffic moving smoother on the ground.

Bali has a lot to offer. While you can circumvent the coastline in just one day, you’ll certainly want to spend a lot more time exploring what Bali has to offer. Ancient temples, beautiful white sand beaches, surfing, marine activities, a fantastic nightlife, a wide array of restaurants, and much more.

There are numerous hotels to choose from but an accommodation option more and more tourists are turning to is the renting of a villa. Here you’ll enjoy luxurious, spacious accommodations with private pools, your own personal cook, beautiful gardens, and so much more. It has become an affordable option and a much sought after choice. There are villas scattered throughout Bali so no matter where you’d like to stay you can find the accommodations that are right for you.

Bali was once one of the world’s best kept secrets – today vacationers from around the world come to spend their vacation in Bali.

Enjoy a Happy Ending Bali Massage

Happy Ending Massage in Bali

Full service massages aren’t new – their history in Asia dates way back. At one time, they were used on both sexes by psychiatrists and physicians as a type of treatment. For males, it was used to release tension and for females, it was used to induce labour and more. In fact, it was the full service massage that led to the creation of the vibrator.

Western culture might see the full service massage as unsavory, but not Asian society where it is understood to have societal and health benefits. It can be debated as to whether this is a sexual encounter or a relaxation technique. You could try it and decide for yourself!


Kuta Beach Offers Excellent Value for Vacation Getaway

Kuta Beach is one of Bali’s best surfing places. This white sandy beach stretches for three kilometers from Seminyak beach to the tuban area. Restaurants and bars are scattered along the way offering you plenty of places to stop to grab a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail while having some fun in the sun. In the area, you’ll find great value in hotels and villas, with the latter offering you a luxurious and spacious accommodation option.

The big and powerful waves on Kuta beach are quite something to watch. If you are new to surfing not to worry there are plenty of surfing instructors that you can find right along the beach shore. If you are an avid surfer the waves waiting for you – come ride the big ones. There’s an opportunity awaiting you here regardless of your skill level. Or perhaps you just want to sit on the sidelines and watch the surfers – that can definitely be an experience in itself! However, you choose to enjoy the ocean waves and white sandy beaches, we know that you are going to have a great time.

Kuta Bali is the most well known Bali destination and rightfully so with so much to offer and such great value. From many of the villa rentals you can look out to miles and miles of blue ocean – what spectacular views. There are lush gardens that offer privacy, private swimming pools, in-house spa services, and spacious – high-end décor. It’s a vacation destination liken none you’ve likely experienced before.

Kuta beach isn’t the only beach you’ll want to explore while on vacation in Bali. Be sure to take the time to explore the many beautiful beaches along the coastline each offering you their own unique experience, and don’t forget to take in a sunset or two – they truly are the most spectacular on the planet.

The Batur Volcano

The Gunung Batur is the active volcano which is located in the north-west of Gunung Agung area. This volcano is consisted of two craters. The first one is up to 10 km long and 13,5 km wide. In this crater the lake Danau Batur can be found. When it comes to the second crater its dimensions are 6,4 km by 9,4 km. It is estimated that this volcano is over 25,000 years old. The highest point of this volcano is approximately at 2,200 meters.

According to some of the researchers this volcano has been much higher. However, as a consequence of one explosion the current height had been reached. A small lake is created by the rain in the crater. It is worth mentioning that this volcano is still active. The lake with its dimensions 3 km by 9 km according to some beliefs is treated as the holly lake. In addition, it honors the goddess of the lakes Ida Batara Ulun Dewi Danu. This lake is definitely one of the most photographed places on the volcano.

It is interesting to mention that up to 20,000 people live in the villages next to the craters including Kedisan, Toya Bungkah and Kintamani. On the shores of this like the tourists can witness some of the oldest traditions and ceremonies on Bali. The top of the volcano can be reached from the western side of the lake. Here the village of Toya Bungkah is located. It serves as the starting point for the tourists who want to visit the top of the volcano. It takes approximately three hours to reach to the top of the volcano for the tourists who walk to it. It is recommended to start with the journey as early in the morning as possible. The reason for this advice is actually very simple. In order to enjoy the sunset on the top of the volcano you have to arrive before the sun shines this area. One more thing is to be taken into serious consideration by the tourists who come here in search for the genuine adventure. A local guide is more than an appropriate choice for climbing in the dark to the volcano top. In addition, the climbers have to dress properly, because of the significant temperature oscillations in this area. It is worth mentioning that the natural sources of water are very rare on the way to the volcano top.

Once on top the tourists can enjoy in the thermal waters. It is noticed that since 2009 the volcanic activities have been increased. This has been followed by the series of the small scale earthquakes. However, the current situation is far from alarming for the tourists. On the other side, the local authorities were obliged to change the status of their activities from usual control to the intense monitoring of the volcanic and earthquake activities.

The analysis of the volcanic soil and measurements of the samples from the craters has indicated that regardless of the periodic earthquakes the area is completely safe for the tourists. In addition, the volcanic activities which change the shapes and altitudes of surrounding landscapes occur very rarely once in tens of thousands of years. Therefore, the tourists with an intention to visit this area can come here without any worries for their safety.

Padang Padang Bali

Local rippers at Padang Padang, Bali in October 2011. A truly epic swell. Filmed by Oq Abrar. Produced by Mick Curley.

Kuta Cowboys a Hit With Female Sex Tourists in Bali

It’s a well-known fact that Bali is a popular vacation destination, but what many don’t know is that it is one of the most desired vacation destinations for female sex tourists, thanks to the Kuta cowboys. Each year thousands of women make their way to Bali looking for paradise. And what many find are the open arms of the Kuta cowboys. In fact, these muscular, bronzed beach bodies have made Bali the world’s leading vacation destination for female sex tourists.

According to “Cowboys in Paradise” Bali is the hottest destination for those women looking for a little holiday romance. Now you might think that these guys are just your typical gigolos, but they claim to be much more than this. How one would find out the difference will have to be left to the imaginations of the female sex tourists, who may not even care.

While this colourful tourist market isn’t talked about much, at least not openly, the reality is that it is a huge economic boost for Bali, and for adult women looking for a sex vacation this is absolutely the place to go. Book one of the many luxurious and spacious villas where you can enjoy your own private parties, entertain who you want when you want, or take advantage of your own cook who can make you decadent meals to enjoy in your villa, while enjoying breathtaking views that mother nature has to offer – and of course the occasional great view from inside is welcomed as well.

Villas are available throughout Bali including Seminyak, Ubud, Legian, Sanur and much more. If you are looking for a romantic getaway, no strings attached, it appears Bali is the place you want to go – Cowboys in Paradise await you.

Bali Popular Destination for Students on Break

Bali has become a popular destination for students on break looking to get away and party. In fact, during these breaks, Bali has never had so much testosterone floating around the beaches, which are filled with men in their twenties on the hunt for girls.

In the past few years, Bali as a party destination for school breaks has grown immensely. During the last couple weeks of November and the early part of December more than 6000 students visit Bali, bringing youthful energy and spirits to Bali clubs.

One popular drink is called the “Illusions” – it is served in tall plastic cups and costs a fraction of what a similar drink would cost in Australia or the US. Groups of young men and women hip, hop, and shake to the beat of the music all night long especially in areas like Seminyak or Kuta’s nightclub strip – this goes on every night of the week.

Here you’ll find young men in their twenties with sculpted pectorals and tattoos competing for the “hot girls,” drinking as much as they can before they quite literally pass out, and having a great time.

Why has Bali become such a popular destination for students? There are a number of reasons. Seminyak villas are affordable accommodations for groups of students. They get their own private pool, plenty of privacy, lots of space, and all the amenities that students love to enjoy.

So when student break arrives, many areas of Bali turn into party town – then again with such a great nightlife what young man or woman could resist partying here? Relax, if you happen to be in Bali during these busy student times, because there are plenty of Bali destinations that are away from the urban hustle and bustle, more secluded, and a great place to kick back and re-energize.

Retiree Tourists are Welcomed to Bali Villages

Bali has become the home away from home for many over the age of 65. Some of this retirement crowd has been coming for years and have just continued to do so after they retired, while others are just discovering the beauty and culture that Bali has to offer. One thing is for certain – Bali is welcoming this retiree tourist with open arms.

One of the largest demographics to take visit Bali is the elderly Japanese who come to Bali for their annual vacation. In fact, more than 2000 Japanese senior tourists come and stay for extended periods of time during the year. Of the 3 million tourists that arrived in Bali in 2012 a larger percentage were retirees from Japan, Germany, France, the UK, the Netherlands, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Australia.

Because of the retiree, tourists that are heading to Bali a number of retirement villages have been built in the Bangli region, and villas around the island cater to the retirement population. Luxurious and spacious Bali villas are available for rent by couples, or groups traveling together. They offer an affordable alternative to hotels.

Parwata, the Bali Investment Agency said, “a number of potential investors from Abu Dhabi had shown their interest in putting money into the development of tourist facilities in Bali for older tourists.”

Suryawan, who is from the Research Center on Tourism and Culture at Bali’s Udayana University, shared his vision for retiree tourism, saying he would like to see current immigration rules changed to allow tourists to remain in Bali for up to six months. These people could stay in villas and they would employ cooks, housemaids, drivers, nurses, and other staff. This would be good for the Bali economy and the retiree tourist.

The administration also plans to ease travel requirements and documentation, and the legalities to lease or buy properties in Bali.

The Waterfalls of Bali

Bali is very often called the island of the thousand waterfalls. They are one of the most popular tourist attractions. Here are some of the most well-known waterfalls in Bali.

Git-Git Waterfall is definitely the most popular and beautiful waterfall on Bali. It is situated in the southern part only a few miles away from the city of Singraj. For the tourists this temple looks like it has been trapped in the middle of the great rainforest wall. With its remarkable height of over 40 meters it produces the sound which can be best described as the fascinating thunder. At the bottom of this waterfall one small lake is created. According to the popular belief among locals all the couples who swim in this water bring love and happiness to their relationship.

Yeh Mempeh Waterfall is situated on the north-east part of the island between the cities of Singraj and Tulamben. This waterfall is very popular among tourists who come here with children. Next to the waterfall one the most intriguing restaurants in the island can be found. One obvious fact illustrates the quality of the water produced by this waterfall. From this waterfall the local village gets the drinking water.

Blahmantung Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Bali with the most remarkable height of over 100 meters. It is located near the Pupuan village and it can be reached by following the direction of the road which leads to Mayonga. The power of falling water is so strong that the sound like thunder can be heard miles away. This waterfall creates the small lake which is the popular destination for the tourists who enjoy swimming in the cold and refreshing water.

Sing Sing Waterfall is only a few minutes away from the Lovina. When visited during the monsoon periods this waterfall reveals its true power. In these situations the tourists are strongly advised to use the help of the professional guides. The mud which can be found in the area of waterfall has proven healing effects and can strongly contribute to the health of visitors. In addition, the powerful waves of water can provide the genuine form of massage.

Tegenungan Waterfall is situated in the Gianyar province in the south-east part of the island next to the village of Kemenuh. The area around the waterfall is carefully maintained and adjusted to the needs of the tourists. In addition, they can leave their cars very close to the waterfall and enjoy the view from the close proximity.

Kuning Waterfall is situated next to the city of Bangali in the Ginayar province. As soon as you leave your car you can hear the distant thunder of water. The tourists only need to walk around 20 minutes to reach it.

Jukukmanis Waterfall is located on the west part of the island next to the Medewi. All of the guests coming here to see this waterfall use the opportunity to visit the river delta of Yeh Lebah.

Munduk Waterfall is located between the volcanic lakes Buyan and Tamblingan on the one side, and the villages of Munduk and Wangiri on the other. The waterfall of about 25 meters in height is followed by the plateau which is very convenient for close look observation of the waterfall. Visits to this waterfall also include swimming activities for the tourists.

Bali Museum Preserves Bali History

Bali Museum located in Denpasar Bali, on Major Wisnu Street, which is located in the heart of town. Bali Museum has done a great job of preserving Bali history and sharing that history with those that decide to visit the museum. It’s certainly a visit that every tourist should make, as it will add additional value and appreciation to your stay in Bali.

The Balinese culture is interesting and colorful. With the growth in tourism and the continued development of Bali, there is some worry that culture erosion is occurring and that the cultural heritage of Bali could disappear. This is all the more reason why the Bali Museum is so important.

The objects at the Bali Museum include items dating back to prehistoric times. Objects like the Grave Petrify or sarkopag can be seen here. That’s just a simple example of what you might see at the Bali Museum, where exhibits are constantly changing.

Along with the Bali Museum, there are numerous ways to experience the culture of the Balinese people and appreciate their past and their present. Be sure to take some time to explore the Bali temples – these are truly remarkable. Don’t be satisfied with just one – explore many.

If you want to live the Bali lifestyle, while visiting Bali consider renting a Seminyak villa. Many of these combine modern day luxuries with traditional Bali décor and art. It’s an amazing experience. It offers you your own private luxurious space that’s large and perfect for entertaining or just hanging out and relaxing. Generally, you’ll enjoy your own pool, gardens, and staff including a cook. It’s a great way to get a little more in-touch with Bali and the Bali culture. It’s also nice to return to some solitude after a busy day of exploring and enjoying the many wonders Bali has to offer.

Bali Museum is a great place to start exploring Bali, and then it’s time to get out and meet the people, and see what Bali has become.

5 Bali Temples Selected As Top Temples to Visit

“The island of a thousand temples” – that’s what Bali is known as. So where do you start and which temples should you make sure you visit when you are in Bali? Recently, the following were released as the top 5 Bali Temples, so these would be a great place to start your exploring, and of course if you have more time, keep exploring.

#1 Tanah Lot Temple
This is the most famous Bali temple. It means “Land in the Middle of the Sea,” and is the work of the15th century priest Nirartha Tanah. Lot sits on a rock just off the coast. It’s spectacular. Come near sunset and get some magnificent photos. There are villa accommodations nearby should you wish to stay in this area and explore.

#2 Besakih Temple (Mother Temple)
This is a group of temples in the village of Besakih, located on the side of Mount Agung. It is over a thousand years old and considered one of the most important Bali temples.

#3 Pura Luhur Temple
This is a Balinese Sea Temple located at Uluwatu on Bali. Built back in the 11th century, it is one of the most spectacular temples you’ll find sitting majestically atop the cliffs that overlook the surf. Luhur means “something of divine origin.”

#4 Pura Tirta Empul
This is considered one of the most important temples in Bali, dating back to 926 AD. Here the spring water is sacred and is believed to have healing properties.

#5 Goa Lawah Temple
Goa Lawah means ‘Bat Cave’, and can be found along the south-east coast of Bali, just west of Candidasa. Founded in 1007 AD, the temple is actually built around a cave that contains thousands of bats. This is one of the directional temples that protects Bali from evil spirits.

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