7 Things You Will Need Money For When Staying In A Bali Villa

One thing that is certain when you go on holiday to Bali and your accommodation for that holiday is one of the amazing Bali villas, you are going to spend money over and beyond the cost of your flights and villa rental.

As you are staying in a Bali villa, there will be money that you need to spend for when you are there, and money that will be required for when you are out and about. To help you identify what your money will be spent on, we have highlighted seven that we believe are near certainties.

Essentials For The Villa: Although we hope you plan to spend more time out than in, there will still be some essential items that you need for your Bali villa. At the top of that list should be bottles of water as we recommend you avoid drinking the tap water in Bali. In addition, items such as tea, coffee, milk, breakfast cereals, bread, and snacks are likely to be needed.

Eating /Drinking Out: Bali is famous for its restaurants and bars, so we hope you have included visits to many of them on your itinerary. Prices are reasonable, and you will make your money last even longer if you look out for some of the special promotions that are advertised outside bars and restaurants such as “2 for 1” offers and happy hours.

Excursions/Activities: Bali is one of the most beautiful locations in the world for a holiday, plus it has an almost limitless number of activities in which you can participate. As such, whether you plan a trip to a waterfall, wish to go scuba diving, or visit one of the local markets, to name but three, you will need to pay for these or for what you buy.

Taxis: To get out and about, especially if you plan to visit locations which are some distance from your Bali villa, you will need some means of transport, and, for many, the best option will be to hire a taxi. Whereas New York taxis are yellow, you will soon discover that almost most taxis in Bali are blue. A good tip is to always ask for the meter to be switched on before your journey starts.

Car Hire: For those that want the freedom to go anywhere whenever they wish, you could consider hiring a car for the duration of your holiday. Points to note are that in Bali you drive on the left, traffic can be extremely busy, and most drivers are “assertive” which means they will not wait to be asked to push their way into a queue of traffic so you may have to be bolder on the road than you are at home.

Tips: Tipping is not compulsory in Bali, and you will find a service charge is added to restaurant bills, for example. However, those who serve you, in whatever capacity, will greatly appreciate any tips which you give them for the great service they have provided.

Gifts/Souvenirs: Last, but not least, if you plan to buy gifts and souvenirs, either for yourself or to give to others when you return home, then you will need cash. Many gifts and souvenirs are bought at markets where card machines are a rarity, so ensure you take local currency with you.