7 Amazing Things To Do In Bali

There may be many of you who plan to visit Bali with the intention of simply relaxing on the beach or around your hotel swimming pool for the duration of your stay there. If that is what constitutes your perfect vacation then absolutely go for it because in our book every person should do what they love best when on vacation, regardless of where that might be.

There may be others reading this who might want to turn their attention to a broader range of alternative activities, some of which might be more energetic in nature, and others that simply allow you to try some of the many amazing delights that Bali has to offer. If so, here are seven you should consider.

Water Sports

We will start off with something for those who have the energy to burn and who love nothing better than being in the water, which there is obviously no lack of around the island of Bali. It would take an entire page to list all the possible water sports options you can choose from, which can range from something as simple as a relaxing swim in the sea to jet skiing, for those that love speed.

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Bali Puts on a Show for New Years’ Crowds

Finns Beach Club

Bali holiday-makers were once again treated to the event of a lifetime courtesy of Finns Beach Club. Every year, the beach club puts on ‘Bali’s Best New Year’s Party’ and the 2018/2019 party was not one to miss.

Headline acts such as Khalid, The Rubens, and Robin Schulz graced the stage, making sure party-goers were well catered for into the night.

The two-day event included one family-friendly day and one for those over 18. On the first day, the impressive line-up included international DJs and musical masterminds such as Roger Sanchez and Martin Solveig.

On day two, the kids were invited, with family-friendly entertainment such as Clean Bandit, The Wombats, and Broods. Thousands of party-goers made their way to the venue, ready to dance their way into the new year.

If you book in advance, there are many different exciting New Year’s packages available as well. Apart from spas you can enjoy private lounges, private bars, and access to some of the most iconic names and faces in the music industry.

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4 Best Seminyak Restaurants

Here are our top 4 favourite restaurants in Seminyak at this time. If you have chosen to stay in a luxury villa in Seminyak, then these are a few of you go-to restaurants to check out.


This Asian influenced  dining establishment has become one of the most sought out restaurants in Seminyak.The combined restaurant and cocktail lounge takes traditional Asian street food to a new level, inviting guests on  a journey of taste sensations across Asia, Indonesia, China, Japan, and Korea all with a hint of  Balinese flair. The food is consistently great, and Sarong prides themselves in serving up only quality food that is authentic, fresh and locally sourced.

Location:19x Jalan Petitenget, Kerobokan, Bali

Motel Mexicola

With a vibe that is both  relaxed and friendly,  this colourful Mexican restaurant creates home-style  meals that are made for sharing with friends and family over a few laughs and jugs of margaritas. The décor is vibrant with a dash of colourful Mexican kitsch, it’s a home away from home where tacos, empanadas, quesadillas ,tequila and margaritas are abundantly and cheerfully dished out.

Location: Jalan Kayujati 9x Petitenget

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Do You Want to Get Your Vagina Smoked? Then Come to Bali

vagina smoking

How would you like to have your vagina smoked like a high class Javanese woman? If you do not know what we are talking about, it is time you did! Indonesia has an entire beauty industry that has grown around intimate care.

Javanese women of the upper class participate in pre-wedding event that takes 6 days and it involves Asmaragama or love massage, Kendedes or vagina smoking or fogging. Vagina spas also called VG spas and V spas boomed throughout Indonesia and can be found in some of the upscale spas in Bali.

This industry flourished thanks to a mix of folk tales, seduction hygiene, intrigue and smart business savviness. In addition, Asian women believe if you want to have great sex and keep your husband you need to have a tight vagina, accomplished with a special blend of herbs called ‘jamu.’ This Javanese tradition has been turned into an expensive ritual that now extends into a market that’s far reaching beyond Javanese women.

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Gay Massages in Bali for Same Sex Couples

Gay marriage is now legal in many countries around the world and Bali is quick to recognize the importance of being a gay friendly country. Even though the traditional family is very important in Bali, they are very relaxed when it comes to homosexual relationships. So it shouldn’t be a surprise to see Bail spas offering massages for same sex couples.

There is nothing to stop you from walking into any one of the massage parlours and ask for a massage for two with your partner, but it would be a lot more comfortable if you knew that the spa or massage parlour you are visiting actually did massages for gay couples. Umalas has one very friendly spa that openly invites gay couples for massages catering to a male clientele. There are actually some amazing spas throughout Bali that cater to gay couples and their needs.

Some of the spas are a great place for a couples massage and then enjoy some pampering like a pedicure or a little aromatherapy treatment after. Some of these spas or massage parlours openly advertise that they welcome gay couples while others are a little more discreet about promoting what they do.

What’s nice about Bali is it goes further. Sure, having a gay couples massage is ‘hot,’ but let’s face it you are going to be doing a lot more while visiting Bali. What’s great is you are going to be welcomed with open arms, whether it’s a local nightclub or walking down the street. Whether you are exploring Sanur Beach on the sleepy southeast side or exploring the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud, everyone is welcome here and you won’t feel out of place or different.

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Kuta Bali Equals Babes and Booze

kuta sex bali

Kuta in Bali is well known for its backpacking centre for those who are on a pleasure seeking mission, its cheap lays and its cheap beer. If your Bali vacation goal is to take your abroad fun to a whole new level, then your trip to Bali needs to include Kuta. Let’s have a closer look at Kuta’s babes and booze.

Surfing, babes, partying and fun sum up most Bali vacations in Kuta. It’s an amazing place to have amazing experiences and there’s no judgement about what you are up to. You control how crazy your experience is. It can range from the downright interesting to the whacky and weird – it’s really in your hand.

Bali is an amazing place to be even without babes and booze. But those on vacation tend to like to party hard and that’s how you meet a wide range of people each with their own story to tell. One thing is for certain; sexy fun is plentiful in Bali whether it’s the beach, the cafes, the nightclubs like ‘Sky Garden’ or ‘The Bounty’ – or one of the many happy ending massage places such as ‘Kuta Bugar’. It’s everywhere! This is especially true in Kuta because it is the main party district. Getting laid in Bali is not a problem.

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Bali Has a Nightlife Worth Talking About

If you are planning a vacation to Bali and you are excited to experience the nightlife you have heard so much about, you certainly won’t be disappointed. Don’t let the size of the nightlife fool you – most of the nightlife is located around the harbor area and includes waterfront entertainment that is lively.

Bali attracts visitors of all ages and its tourism industry is very well developed. Not only can you enjoy an outstanding nightlife you can enjoy a stay at a private Bali villa that’s also outstanding and you can do this on a budget.

Seminyak and Kuta Kuta area is really the centre of the nightlife in Bali. There isn’t usually an entrance fee to the bars, and many of the clubs offer a Happy Hour to promote tourism. Seminyak has the chic bars and clubs and offers the most sophisticated nightlife. Ubud The nightlife in Ubud is more traditional. It is gentle and quieter but don’t confuse this with boring because it most certainly isn’t. Enjoy traditional Balinese dancing while you hang out here. Sanur Sanur is home to tons of restaurants that offer traditional Balinese dancing throughout the night. There are some excellent hangouts here that stay open until the guests are ready to head out.

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Jakarta’s Life Music Scene Evolving

Jakarta’s live music scene is constantly evolving but recently there has been a new wave of venues opening and that is exciting for vacationers and locals alike.

Black Cat Jazz & Blues Club
Jakarta has few places that are truly a jazz and blues club, but the Black Cat certainly is. You will find the Black Cat at the Plaza Senayan Arcadia building and every day there is life performances to entertain their guests. The sultry music wafts through the air and you’ll find yourself drawn towards the Black Cat.

Marley Bar
Don’t be fooled by the name Marley Bar is not a reggae bar. It is a hip place for young musicians aspiring to grow their careers combined with young adults who love live music. Marley is located in the Energy building. It’s a dimly lit bar with a relaxed atmosphere so it is perfect for getting together with friends for late drinks. There is live music every night, and on special nights, there is a tribute to 90s bands such as Coldplay, Blur, and Foo Fighters. On Wednesdays, customers can get on stage to sing with a full band.

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Enjoy a Happy Ending Bali Massage

Happy Ending Massage in Bali

Full service massages aren’t new – their history in Asia dates way back. At one time, they were used on both sexes by psychiatrists and physicians as a type of treatment. For males, it was used to release tension and for females, it was used to induce labour and more. In fact, it was the full service massage that led to the creation of the vibrator.

Western culture might see the full service massage as unsavory, but not Asian society where it is understood to have societal and health benefits. It can be debated as to whether this is a sexual encounter or a relaxation technique. You could try it and decide for yourself!

Finding a Happy Ending Massage in Bali
If you want to find a happy ending massage in Bali, the best areas to look are Sanur, Kuta, Renon and Denpasar in the city. There are also well known places in Legain and Seminyak that will be happy to accommodate

The taxi drivers in Legian and in Kuta know where all the happy ending massages are to be found. One way is to pay them a little extra and they’ll even wait for you to have your massage, although the more savvy will get the taxi driver to drop them away from the premises as quite often the taxi driver will ‘claim’ a commission from the massage establishment, which is then added to your bill.

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Kuta Cowboys a Hit With Female Sex Tourists in Bali

It’s a well-known fact that Bali is a popular vacation destination, but what many don’t know is that it is one of the most desired vacation destinations for female sex tourists, thanks to the Kuta cowboys. Each year thousands of women make their way to Bali looking for paradise. And what many find are the open arms of the Kuta cowboys. In fact, these muscular, bronzed beach bodies have made Bali the world’s leading vacation destination for female sex tourists.

According to “Cowboys in Paradise” Bali is the hottest destination for those women looking for a little holiday romance. Now you might think that these guys are just your typical gigolos, but they claim to be much more than this. How one would find out the difference will have to be left to the imaginations of the female sex tourists, who may not even care.

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