Enjoy a Happy Ending Bali Massage

Full service massages aren’t new – their history in Asia dates way back. At one time, they were used on both sexes by psychiatrists and physicians as a type of treatment. For males, it was used to release tension and for females, it was used to induce labour and more. In fact, it was the full service massage that led to the creation of the vibrator.

Western culture might see the full service massage as unsavory, but not Asian society where it is understood to have societal and health benefits. It can be debated as to whether this is a sexual encounter or a relaxation technique. You could try it and decide for yourself!

Finding a Happy Ending Massage in Bali
If you want to find a happy ending massage in Bali, the best areas to look are Sanur, Kuta, Renon and Denpasar in the city. There are also well known places in Legain and Seminyak that will be happy to accommodate

The taxi drivers in Legian and in Kuta know where all the happy ending massages are to be found. One way is to pay them a little extra and they’ll even wait for you to have your massage, although the more savvy will get the taxi driver to drop them away from the premises as quite often the taxi driver will ‘claim’ a commission from the massage establishment, which is then added to your bill.

The typical happy ending massage caters to ‘servicing’ men, although if you look hard you will be able to find female masseurs working in high-end spas that will accommodate women, but you need to look and ask. There are also male masseurs working in some of the normal massage places that will give women some extra service also.

Some popular happy ending massage places are; Kuta Bugar (in Kuta) & Star Bugar (in Seminyak), The Maharani Spa’s (in Denpasar and Sanur), Melati Spa (Jalan Dewi Sri near Bali Galleria) and the Bidadari Biru massage centres, which are in various locations around Denpasar.

Gay Happy Ending Massages in Bali
Good news for gay men as there are full service massage parlours in Bali that service only gay men. Just watch for the massage parlours that are staffed by males. You’ll find most of the happy ending massage parlours in Seminyak; such as Banana Spa Bali in Jalan Drupadi, Seminyak and Adam’s Apple in Batu Belig.

How to Ask for a Happy Ending Massage
You might feel a bit odd asking for what it is you want, but the masseurs are trained in understanding subtle language. So if what you want is a happy ending massage you can ask for that or you can inquire about a full service massage. The majority of masseuses will understand your reference. If you aren’t shy then you can just completely disrobe. This will help send the message that you want a happy ending massage. Always negotiate the price beforehand.