How To Decide What Jewellery To Take With You On Holiday

Preparing to go on holiday, or indeed any trip which does not involve work or business, can be exciting, but it can also cause headaches too when trying to decide what clothes to take, which footwear would be the most suitable, and,  for many, the decisions as to what jewellery to take on holiday can be especially tough. This is where a reputable jewellery company like Diamonds and Pearls can help you make the right choices for your holiday jewellery needs.

The problem with jewellery is that it is extremely personal with people wearing it for a variety of reasons. There are fashion reasons. There are those pieces of jewellery considered mandatory, such as wedding rings. Some jewellery is worn for sentimental reasons. And there is also jewellery worn to complement certain outfits and items of clothing.

So, with so many reasons to wear specific items of jewellery, numerous occasions on which the jewellery will be worn, and the fact that many people have several items of jewellery, it is understandable why choosing what jewellery to take on holiday causes so much consternation.

If any of this is ringing true for you, how would you like some pointers on how to choose jewellery for a holiday? We are not saying it will resolve every dilemma or second thought you might have, but they may eliminate some of them, which means we will have succeeded to some extent.

Take Time To Plan

As a first step, this will make the whole process of choosing your holiday jewellery much easier. Yes, it requires time, but it will be worth it. Ideally, you should create an inventory or list of all your items of jewellery. This is useful for other matters such as insurance, plus on your next holiday, it should save you time when choosing jewellery.

It Is Easier If You Decide Upon What You Are Not Taking First

Instead of having to choose between every item of jewellery you have, why not eliminate from your options all of those items of jewellery that you know you definitely do not wish to take with you on holiday. This cuts the number of items of jewellery under consideration to a short list of those that you may take with you on your travels.

Allocate Items As Essential, Practical, And Social

This is akin to categorising your jewellery but in a practical sense, it also helps you determine in what scenarios you will be wearing your jewellery. Some will be essential like a wedding ring, some will be for everyday use such as when you go on excursions, and some will be classed as social for evenings out like going to shows or a nightclub, for example.

Wearing Once, Twice, Or More?

No rule says you must wear a unique piece of jewellery for every occasion unless you create and apply that rule for yourself. Otherwise, you can cut down on how much jewellery you need to travel with by identifying items that you are willing to wear more than once.

Do Not Forget To Plan The Storage Of Your Holiday Jewellery

One consideration which might influence what jewellery you take on holiday is how it will be stored. For example, if you have extremely valuable jewellery you would certainly not want it in your checked baggage. Also, you want to ensure that the jewellery you take has storage that is neither bulky nor heavy but at the same time will protect it en route. Checking if the hotel has a safe available may also affect whether you take high-value items of jewellery with you.