How To Decide What Jewellery To Take With You On Holiday

Preparing to go on holiday, or indeed any trip which does not involve work or business, can be exciting, but it can also cause headaches too when trying to decide what clothes to take, which footwear would be the most suitable, and,  for many, the decisions as to what jewellery to take on holiday can be especially tough. This is where a reputable jewellery company like Diamonds and Pearls can help you make the right choices for your holiday jewellery needs.

The problem with jewellery is that it is extremely personal with people wearing it for a variety of reasons. There are fashion reasons. There are those pieces of jewellery considered mandatory, such as wedding rings. Some jewellery is worn for sentimental reasons. And there is also jewellery worn to complement certain outfits and items of clothing.

So, with so many reasons to wear specific items of jewellery, numerous occasions on which the jewellery will be worn, and the fact that many people have several items of jewellery, it is understandable why choosing what jewellery to take on holiday causes so much consternation.

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Can a Parent Take a Child Out of the Country Without the Other Parent’s Permission?

Traveling the world can be an amazing experience for children as it opens up new cultures, and perspectives. When it comes to separated or divorced parents there is a question that commonly is asked to family lawyers and that is “Can one parent take their child out of the country without the consent of the other?” This question treads the delicate line between legal rights and the best interests of the child.

Understanding Legal Custody

Before packing those bags, you must understand what legal custody means. Legal custody refers to a parent’s rights to make significant decisions about their child’s life, including education, health, and yes, travel.

  • Joint Legal Custody: Most separated parents have joint legal custody, meaning both have equal say in major decisions.
  • Sole Legal Custody: In rarer cases, one parent might have sole legal custody, allowing them to make decisions independently.

The Legalities of International Travel

If you’re considering international travel with your child, here’s what you need to know:

  1. Consent is Key: If both parents share custody, traveling internationally with your child generally requires the other parent’s consent. This is more than just courtesy; it’s often a legal requirement to prevent international child abduction.

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Your 5 Step Dental Health Checklist When Travelling Overseas

Your 5 Step Dental Health Checklist When Travelling Overseas

One of the common times that patients make an appointment with their dentist is when they return from a holiday or a trip overseas. The usual reason is that during the time they were away they either experienced some kind of trauma, such as an accident that has knocked a tooth out, or they have developed a dental problem, like a loose filling or the onset of excruciating toothache.

Whilst no one can truly legislate against an accident happening on holiday, there are some ways in which the chances of experiencing dental problems whilst abroad can be reduced. One of the best ways to achieve this is to follow the 5-step checklist below when you travel overseas.

Visit Your Dentist Before You Leave

In the week or so preceding your planned travel date, you should have an appointment with your dentist. When there, you want, at the very least, to have a check-up to ensure there are no potential dental health issues that could arise whilst you are away. This is also a great opportunity for them to give your teeth a thorough clean before your trip. You might also ask them if they have any knowledge of the dental services in the location you are travelling to.

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5 Tips For Avoiding A Dental Emergency When You Are On Holiday

When you are about to go on holiday there is a long list of things you need to check including your passport being up to date, and your dollars exchanged for the local currency, but how many of you would add having a check-up at to your checklist? Your dentists might not be at the forefront of your mind before going on holiday, but if you want to avoid a dental emergency whilst you are away, then they should be.

A dental emergency can happen unexpectedly, and at any time (that is why they are called emergencies), and unless you want it to spoil your holiday, everything you can do before you travel, to either avoid it or to mitigate its effect, should be done. If you are unsure what needs to be done or how you can help avoid dental emergencies whilst travelling on holiday, here are 5 tips you should follow.

#1 Make An Appointment For A Check-Up With Your Dentist

This is undoubtedly one of the best ways to avoid a dental emergency whilst on holiday. Whilst your dentist cannot stop you banging your jaw on an open door, or breaking a tooth as you bite into a hard piece of food, they can spot other potential issues. If they see a cavity, they can fill it, if there is a loose filling, they can repair it. Prevention is better than the cure, and that is certainly true here, so make that check-up appointment before you travel.

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Best Place To Get A Tattoo in Bali

Tattoo in Bali

Bali is an extremely popular tourist destination, especially for Australian and Asian travellers. Boasting an impressive selection of Bali villas, resorts, and budget accommodation options, the island really has something for everyone.

A lot of people visit places like Bali for things like dental work, botox or to get tattoos. In fact, getting a tattoo in Bali costs a fraction of the price of getting one in a country like Australia. Although there have been concerns about hygiene and quality in the past, the Bali tattoo industry is actually very well run, especially if you visit a reputable establishment. Here are some of the best places to get a tattoo in Bali:

Two Guns Tattoo

Owned by Australians, recognised by the Professional Tattoo Association of Australia, and using all of the latest industry best practices, Two Guns Tattoos is one of the best places to get inked in Bali. The team of experienced artists all use imported inks and other equipment, which means that you can rest easy with the knowledge that you’re getting a high quality tattoo that will last.

Although Two Guns Tattoo isn’t the cheapest in Bali – with a minimum price of around $90 USD (depending on the exchange rate at the time), they are certainly up there with the best. In the end, you should always go for quality over price when it comes to tattoos.

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What to Expect at a Bali Holiday Retreat

bali retreat

If you are feeling tired and frazzled it might be time to go on a Bali holiday retreat. Retreats are not like your normal holiday, where you try to cram as much sightseeing and fun into the time you have as possible. The result is that you often get home more tired than when you went and feel the need of another holiday to recover.

When you book into a holiday retreat, you don’t go sightseeing or have extreme – and dangerous – fun. Although you can if you want to.  But you don’t spend most of the nights partying on the beach or at a nightclub. And you don’t walk your feet off trying to see as much as possible.  Retreats are meant to be a time of rest and relaxation, although they are not all the same, and some may offer different forms of relaxation or even entertainment.

A retreat is more like a day spa, only you can book it for longer than a day – times vary. Some offer different packages of a certain lengths of time. You can also book different things to do while you are there, such as having a massage or lots of beauty treatments.  The whole idea is for you to leave feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to take on the battles of life once again.

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The Spa Haven of Bali

This article expresses some of the most pleasantly and even heavenly Spas of the Island of Bali in Indonesia:

  • The Karma Spa, Karma Kandara: is renowned for its scenic beauty close to the Indian Ocean. This spa consists of luxe huts that are sublime and rustic and a seductively laid infrared detox sauna. This spa is lifted to an even more higher vibration with its therapeutic massages, celebrity oxygen facials and healing reiki included into their GMO Free Treatments- dedicatedly provided by their anatomy trained Body Workers.
  • The Spa at Sentosa is set in one of the best boutique hotels of Seminyak. The Treatments Menu comprises of holistic, beauty, juice cleaners, wellness, a fitness centre, and a medical spa. This is one of the few spas of Bali devoted to healing all areas of wellness.
  • Healing Village Spa at 4 Seasons, Jimbaran Bay is a beachside garden spa located at one of Bali’s established resorts. This spa is noteworthy of its night fire yoga, cleansing ceremonies & kundalini crystal healing. This spa has also integrated the ‘Pure TDA Facial’, the machine based facial which provides lasting results with supercharged bio- active ingredients.
  • The Spa Alila, Alila Soori: It is an attractive spa made up of a modernist sanctuary made of local charcoal volcanic stone. The facilities comprise of heated terrazzo beds, rain showers and sunken baths. There are distinctive Asian therapies performed at dim lit sultry rooms and also produces a set of spa products to take away home.

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Buying Balinese Furniture the Easy Way

Balinese Furniture

When you go to Bali for a holiday you will see many lovely things to buy for gifts or for yourself. However, there is a limit to what you can carry home in a suitcase, so you may be disappointed that something like some lovely wicker furniture had to be left behind. Of course, you can arrange to have it freighted, but there will be an additional cost and the time spent in getting it through customs may be longer than you want.

After all, you’ve gone there for a holiday, not to waste a whole day getting something shipped to your home. Bali has some beautiful boat wood furniture that will look lovely in your garden, but you can avoid all the hassles of arranging for freighting – and picking it up off the dock at home – by simply buying your goods from a furniture store that imports Bali or Indonesian furniture.

Being disappointed because you can’t take home something you really want unless you waste a lot of your precious holiday time, can easily be avoided in this way. It’s good to take a photo of it so you don’t forget what it looks like when you get back home. Then it is more likely that you’ll find the same or something very similar at the furniture store when you go shopping.

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Bali Attractions Include Recreational Drugs

recreational drugs bali

When it comes to visiting Bali we hear a lot about the sun and surf, but there are other less conventional attractions that bring people to Bali and they include recreational drugs such as ‘magic mushrooms,’ cocaine and marijuana.

Early on the local authorities were either not aware of the drug tourist market or they chose to ignore it. Today, the government ranks among the toughest around for illegal drugs. It doesn’t even have to be “hard drugs”. All illegal drugs seemed to be viewed with the same contempt.

A British woman is facing the death penalty in Bali relating to a drug charge where she is being accused of possessing cocaine for trafficking. Mrs. Sanford denies the charges, but  if she is found guilty, she may get the death penalty or at least 20 years in the primitive Kerobokan jail (which could be classed as the equivalent of 40 years in many normal Western located jail.

So if a vacation to Bali is appealing to you because you want to party and there is an availability of recreational drugs, you may just want to keep the penalties in mind before par-taking. Recreational drugs are illegal and the penalties can be fatal!

If street-sellers’ offer you drugs, they could very likely be police informants and sometimes the drugs aren’t the slightest bit pure and can be mixed with cheap and dangerous substitutes. If you are arrested for drug use and drug possession, you will be detained by police for an undetermined period.

That doesn’t seem to be enough of a warning for some people who are looking for a fun-filled getaway in Bali. If you are thinking about doing some ecstasy or smoking some pot on your next Bali holiday, it’s a good idea to think again. It might be that you are seeking ‘an escape’, but you really are asking for trouble.

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Cheap Bali Holidays a Reality

Most of us have seen some of the amazing pictures of Bali and until now have only been able to dream about a vacation to this exotic destination. Well, there is some great news because now cheap Bali holidays are actually a reality. This means that anyone can afford to getaway and enjoy everything that the magical island of Bali has to offer, including staying in your own private Bali villa.

Palm trees blowing in the breeze, beaches abound, open seas that seem to never end, warm sandy beaches, warm clear water – what could be more relaxing than this idyllic setting that involves a Bali vacation. The ocean is perfect for snorkelling or swimming. Surfers swarm to Kuta Beach from around the world, and it is also, where you will find the liveliest nightclubs. Oh, did we mention Kuta Beach is also the perfect place for watching romantic sunsets.

Perhaps you would like to explore the interior part of Bali Island – why not go for a nature walk, go for a horse ride, or do something really different and take a Jeep safari far into the forest.

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