Why Your Dental Health Can Be Adversely Affected When You Are Travelling

One important piece of advice that dentists will often give to their patients, especially those whom they know are about to go on holiday or are planning to travel, is that it can generate a period when their oral health is at some risk. Whilst we are not suggesting that you should avoid travel or holidays purely because of that, but instead should be aware of how travel can negatively impact your dental health and how to take steps to minimise that.

If you are wondering what the risks are and how they occur, please read on and we will highlight five ways that your dental health can be diminished whilst you travel, and how you can avoid these from happening.

Your Oral Health Routines Are Disrupted

When you are at home your oral health routine most likely runs like clockwork. In addition, you have everything you need to maximise the health of your teeth and gums, including a vacant bathroom as and when you need it.

Conversely, when travelling your routine is almost certainly skewed, and often runs on the travel company’s schedule, not yours and so caring for your teeth and gums may not be as straightforward as it is at home. To avoid this being an issue make sure you plan regarding stops and breaks in your travel itinerary when you should be able to brush your teeth and floss.

You Take Shortcuts With Your Oral Hygiene

Following on from the first problem, this next one can occur as a result of it. What we mean is when your oral hygiene routine is disrupted as you travel, you may rush and take shortcuts. An example is the aircraft bathroom where you avoid flossing because there is a queue of other passengers waiting outside. The simple solution is to take as much time as you need in whatever location and circumstances you are in, to ensure you maintain your dental health.

Your Diet Changes, And Often In An Unhealthy Manner

Naturally,  we all indulge ourselves when we are on holiday, so we are not suggesting you stick to celery and water whilst away. However, what we do recommend is that you remain aware of what you are eating and if you know what you have eaten or drunk is not the healthiest for your teeth, then ensure that you brush and floss as soon as possible thereafter.

You Can Become Dehydrated

Dehydration, when you are in a hot, sunny holiday location or travelling for long distances, is a health risk in itself, and that includes the risk to your teeth and gums. Water is useful for washing out your mouth and dislodging food particles so make sure you have a bottle of water with you at all times and ensure you drink from it often to remain hydrated.

Dental Emergencies May Not Be Easily Remedied

The definition of emergencies is that they happen unexpectedly, and that can be a huge problem if you have one whilst on your travels. There are hundreds of travel scenarios where having a tooth chipped or a filling becoming dislodged is going to be an issue, especially if your dentist is thousands of miles away when they happen. The key is pre-planning, so research local dentists for where you are travelling to, and also ensure that your medical insurance is valid and up to date.