Bali Attractions Include Recreational Drugs

When it comes to visiting Bali we hear a lot about the sun and surf, but there are other less conventional attractions that bring people to Bali and they include recreational drugs such as ‘magic mushrooms,’ cocaine and marijuana.

Early on the local authorities were either not aware of the drug tourist market or they chose to ignore it. Today, the government ranks among the toughest around for illegal drugs. It doesn’t even have to be “hard drugs”. All illegal drugs seemed to be viewed with the same contempt.

A British woman is facing the death penalty in Bali relating to a drug charge where she is being accused of possessing cocaine for trafficking. Mrs. Sanford denies the charges, but  if she is found guilty, she may get the death penalty or at least 20 years in the primitive Kerobokan jail (which could be classed as the equivalent of 40 years in many normal Western located jail.

So if a vacation to Bali is appealing to you because you want to party and there is an availability of recreational drugs, you may just want to keep the penalties in mind before par-taking. Recreational drugs are illegal and the penalties can be fatal!

If street-sellers’ offer you drugs, they could very likely be police informants and sometimes the drugs aren’t the slightest bit pure and can be mixed with cheap and dangerous substitutes. If you are arrested for drug use and drug possession, you will be detained by police for an undetermined period.

That doesn’t seem to be enough of a warning for some people who are looking for a fun-filled getaway in Bali. If you are thinking about doing some ecstasy or smoking some pot on your next Bali holiday, it’s a good idea to think again. It might be that you are seeking ‘an escape’, but you really are asking for trouble.

Think about it – you are in a strange country and you get high. You could OD, you could be robbed, you could have a BAD life changing experience. You may have no friends or family with you for support and the mates you thought were good ‘buddies’ will probably ‘drop you like a gun’ the minute something goes wrong.

What if you get bad drugs and need your stomach pumped? Foreign place. Foreign hospital. Sound like fun?
What if you are arrested? Do you really feel like being locked up in some hole of a jail, facing the death penalty?
Couldn’t happen to you??
Think again.

Sure recreational drugs are definitely available but do you really want to risk it?

If you want a thrill in Bali; go surfing! Wax up, head out to Ulu’s and paddle into a few 6’+ bombs! That’ll get the heart pumping and give you as much sensory overload as you will need for any day. Disclaimer: Not recommended for the beginner.

Drug Rehab in Bali

We couldn’t talk about recreational drugs without mentioning rehab. There is a leading drug rehab in Bali that is most definitely in the private, luxury class. Sivana Bali Drug Rehab offers drug and alcohol rehab services for substance dependent people to give them an opportunity to deal with their dependency and enhance their potential to remain alcohol and drug-free. It is set in lush tropical grounds and offering solutions to all types of addictions; such as illegal recreational drugs like methamphetamine and heroin, alcohol and legal prescription drugs such as OxyContin and Nicotine.

Take care…