Are all Bali DJs Created Equal?

You may think that one DJ is just as good as any other when it comes to hiring your wedding DJ, but this is not so. A DJ who plays at weddings must have different skills from one that simply spins decks at the local pub on Saturday night for fun. Not all DJs are really good at putting people at their ease and helping them to have a good time.

The Saturday evening DJ does not need those kinds of skills because people are there to drink as much as dance and that in itself tends to relax them. They know what to expect as far as closing time, so the DJ doesn’t have to remind them of that. And the pub crowd are nearly always within a certain age group who know how to have fun, while a wedding guest list can comprise people from all age groups and many different walks of life.

This means the DJ who plays for weddings needs to be able to relate to people of all ages, not just the younger age group.  They should be able to relate to the older generation which is often invited to a wedding, but rarely go out to the pub and club scene. These people have different expectations of what happens at a wedding reception and they may be staid and old fashioned.

But since they are part of your family, you want them to enjoy themselves and not be shocked or dismayed by the way the DJ speaks, his jokes or the language he uses. He must be somewhat more formal when he is working at the reception than he would be at that Saturday night pub scenario.

While some DJs can successfully wear many hats and have the skills to change like a chameleon to adapt to their surroundings, you need to be sure they can do this before hiring them. In fact, it is a better option to hire a professional wedding DJ that only plays at wedding receptions or more formal gatherings. That way you can be sure of getting a professional you can rely on for your wedding needs.

When you realise how important the work of the DJ is to the success of your reception, spending a bit more to ensure you get the right person is a no-brainer. If you are on a budget, it is better to cut back in another area so you have the funds to hire a professional. Such a person will always give much better customer service than a person who is not a professional, since his livelihood depends on it.

Having the right DJ for your wedding is a matter of choice and will give you peace of mind that the reception will be very successful.