How To Arrange An Awesome Birthday Party In A Bali Villa

Bali villas are usually rented by holidaymakers who wish to live in luxury during their time in Bali; however, Bali villas can also be rented for other reasons. These can include weddings, business meetings, and stag or hen parties, and Bali villas are also ideal locations for large birthday parties if you wish to invite lots of guests.

It should not surprise you that having a birthday party in a Bali villa does take some organising, not least because it is overseas, and you and your guests have to fly there. However, assuming that everyone can make their travel plans, we are going to focus on the party itself, how you can ensure everything goes to plan, and more importantly, that you and your guests have an awesome time and a huge amount of fun.

Start Planning Early: The best advice we can give you if you wish to have a birthday party in a Bali villa is to start planning as far in advance as possible. Lots of variables have to come together such as dates, your budget, your guest list, booking flights, and of course renting the Bali villa so the sooner you start planning all of this, the better.

Choose A Theme For Your Party: All the very best parties have themes that add to the fun, so ensure you choose one. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some suggestions to consider:

  • Pool Party
  • Disco Party
  • Superhero Party
  • Barbecue Party
  • Cocktails Party
  • Games Party
  • Colour Theme Party e.g. all blue/yellow/purple etc.
  • Roaring 20s Party
  • Swinging 60s Party

Create Your Guest List: An early part of your planning must be your guest list. Some considerations might include whether it is adults only or families you are inviting and whether you plan to book flights for everyone to fly together or allow each to make their own arrangements to travel to Bali.

Hire A Catering Service: Once you have a definite number of guests who will be attending your birthday party, you should then arrange for the catering service which will be supplying the food. Take account of all dietary needs, and also that the catering service will have the cooking facilities in your villa available to them.

Arrange For The Drinks To Be Delivered: No party should be without drinks which we assume will include alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. You can either pre-order from a supermarket for pick up, or better still, request they deliver it to your villa.

Hire Party Staff: You want you and your guests to have fun so it makes sense to hire local staff to take care of the many tasks that will be necessary. This can include serving food and drinks, cleaning up afterwards, and not forgetting the entertainment in the form of a DJ or possibly a karaoke.

Purchase The Decorations: Based on the theme you have chosen for your Bali villa birthday party, you will need to purchase decorations that reflect the theme. These should be available locally, but again, ensure you plan and check this in advance including whether they can be delivered.


Hire A Photographer: Our final suggestion will allow you to capture the entire party and everyone having fun. Rather than random photos taken on mobile phones, why not hire a professional photographer whose photos will undoubtedly be of a high standard?