Drugs In Bali – Why You Should Stay Clean On Your Holiday

Bali is one of the party hot spots of southeast Asia. Over the past couple of decades it has grown in popularity, especially among Australian and European visitors who are looking for a simple, comfortable place to holiday with a group of friends. A lot of visitors choose to stay in Bali villas or resorts, where they can be targeted by drug dealers looking to make some quick money out of them.

Unfortunately, a lot of people fall into the Bali drug trap, despite the inherent dangers of drug taking anywhere – but especially overseas – and the strict Indonesian laws surrounding illegal drug possession and use.

If you’re thinking about taking illegal drugs while you’re on a holiday in Bali, then think again. A few of the reasons why you should stay away from everything except for alcohol include:

Indonesia Has Extremely Strict Drug Penalties

To put it simply, you don’t want to be caught in possession of or under the influence of illegal drugs when you’re on holidays in Bali. Although they are relatively popular among many tourists, the potential penalties mean that it simply isn’t worth taking the risk.

Most traditional party drugs – including things like marijuana, MDMA, and cocaine – are classed as Group 1 drugs under Indonesian law. Possession of even a small amount of these could result in up to 12 years in prison and fines of over a million dollars. If you are thought to be trafficking the drugs, then you may find yourself facing the death penalty.

Unfortunately, a lot of people think that they can get away with more because they are foreigners. This simply isn’t the case. Although some authorities are corrupt and can be paid off, a lot are honest and will make sure that you’re punished for illegal activities. The amount of foreigners in Indonesian prisons is testament to this.

Many Drugs Are Impure

If you thought the potential penalties for drug possession in Bali wasn’t enough, then you should consider the quality of the drugs. The huge risk that people take when importing or manufacturing illegal drugs in Bali means that they are often cut with nasty impurities. These can have terrible side effects, and in many cases can cause overdoses and hospitalization.

Dealers Will Try To Rip You Off

Again, the huge risk associated with selling drugs in Bali means that most dealers aren’t afraid to try and rip you off. Some will sell you fake or impure products, while others may be cooperating with the police. If this is the case, even an interest in buying something off them can land you in hot water. Don’t take the risk, it just isn’t worth it!

Final Word

If you thought that Bali was a good place to go and take drugs and party, then you need to think again. In fact, you would have to be stupid to either purchase or consume illegal drugs while travelling there. The strict penalties and inherent risk associated with taking illegal drugs should be more than enough to put you off. If you absolutely have to go somewhere that allows you to take drugs without penalties, head to Amsterdam or Portugal, not Bali.