The Waterfalls of Bali

Bali is very often called the island of the thousand waterfalls. They are one of the most popular tourist attractions. Here are some of the most well-known waterfalls in Bali.

Git-Git Waterfall is definitely the most popular and beautiful waterfall on Bali. It is situated in the southern part only a few miles away from the city of Singraj. For the tourists this temple looks like it has been trapped in the middle of the great rainforest wall. With its remarkable height of over 40 meters it produces the sound which can be best described as the fascinating thunder. At the bottom of this waterfall one small lake is created. According to the popular belief among locals all the couples who swim in this water bring love and happiness to their relationship.

Yeh Mempeh Waterfall is situated on the north-east part of the island between the cities of Singraj and Tulamben. This waterfall is very popular among tourists who come here with children. Next to the waterfall one the most intriguing restaurants in the island can be found. One obvious fact illustrates the quality of the water produced by this waterfall. From this waterfall the local village gets the drinking water.

Blahmantung Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in Bali with the most remarkable height of over 100 meters. It is located near the Pupuan village and it can be reached by following the direction of the road which leads to Mayonga. The power of falling water is so strong that the sound like thunder can be heard miles away. This waterfall creates the small lake which is the popular destination for the tourists who enjoy swimming in the cold and refreshing water.

Sing Sing Waterfall is only a few minutes away from the Lovina. When visited during the monsoon periods this waterfall reveals its true power. In these situations the tourists are strongly advised to use the help of the professional guides. The mud which can be found in the area of waterfall has proven healing effects and can strongly contribute to the health of visitors. In addition, the powerful waves of water can provide the genuine form of massage.

Tegenungan Waterfall is situated in the Gianyar province in the south-east part of the island next to the village of Kemenuh. The area around the waterfall is carefully maintained and adjusted to the needs of the tourists. In addition, they can leave their cars very close to the waterfall and enjoy the view from the close proximity.

Kuning Waterfall is situated next to the city of Bangali in the Ginayar province. As soon as you leave your car you can hear the distant thunder of water. The tourists only need to walk around 20 minutes to reach it.

Jukukmanis Waterfall is located on the west part of the island next to the Medewi. All of the guests coming here to see this waterfall use the opportunity to visit the river delta of Yeh Lebah.

Munduk Waterfall is located between the volcanic lakes Buyan and Tamblingan on the one side, and the villages of Munduk and Wangiri on the other. The waterfall of about 25 meters in height is followed by the plateau which is very convenient for close look observation of the waterfall. Visits to this waterfall also include swimming activities for the tourists.