Bali Government Wants to Preserve Traditional Bali Games

When Balinese children attend school they learn the Balinese language, but they also learn traditional Balinese games such as Gala Gala, Tajog, and Bakiak/Terompah. However, the concern is that these traditional games are going by the wayside and thus an important part of Balinese culture could be lost. It seems these days Playstation and other video games are becoming more popular than traditional games. In fact, in some schools the children are no longer taught these traditional games.

These games are not just played by children, adults participate as well. After all, they are a real part of Balinese culture. But the concern is that these games are dying a slow death. Just recently, the Denpasar Culture Agency has asked for an inventory of the different traditional games that exist in the area. So concerned are they about the loss of these traditional games from their society, they have made this a priority.

The goal is to make sure that all students from kindergarten through to junior high school are introduced to these traditional games. There is a concern that foreign games are reducing the significance of the traditional games. As a result, the Denpasar Municipality has created a budget so that the traditional games can be recreated before they become extinct. Just recently, Bali Travel News did a cover piece At the Verge of Extinction.

Bali is an amazing place with a very interesting culture that is steeped in all kinds of traditions. You might be surprised to discover that some of those traditions actually come in the form of traditional games. However, as Bali becomes more and more open to the world, other cultures are having a direct effect on the Balinese culture, and one has to wonder if this will be another concern for officials. After all, for the longest time Bali was that hidden gem that so few knew about. It was this isolation that kept Bali unique. Today, you can enjoy all of the uniqueness of Bali, the Balinese culture and traditions, along with a western flare if you desire.