Bali Thriving Thanks to Tourism Growth

Bali continues to thrive as its tourism industry continues to grow and prosper. According to Horwath HTL and C9 Hotelworks, market wide occupancy is almost at 70%. In 2012, the average room rate was $137 US per night.

Australia, China, and Japan are all key to driving the demand, and Malaysia is thought to soon surpass Japan in the number of citizens heading to Bali for their vacation. US vacationers also heads to Bali regularly. It seems the secret is out – Bali is a great place to vacation.

Initially Bali governments may have found themselves struggling to keep up with their new found popularity, especially when it comes to infrastructure. But that is certainly not the case any longer, as they continue to undertake massive infrastructure upgrades to accommodate both tourism and the overall growth in Bali.

Bali locals are benefiting as well from their new found popularity as more employment opportunities arise, better business opportunities, and a real estate market that’s booming. Land is at a prime in Bali and as hotels scramble to find prime land to build, what they may not be realizing is a number of tourists are looking for a different kind of experience.

Easy Villas in Bali are allowing those that want a different kind of experience to be able to enjoy that experience. Now for an affordable rate visitors can have their own luxurious, spacious villa with their own personal staff including cooks/chefs, a private swimming pool, lush gardens, and a much more. Whether visitors are looking for some time away from it all in seclusion, throwing a wedding party, or entertaining guests, villas can meet all those demands.

Bali may be a busier place than just a decade ago, but the locals are also benefiting from this new found industry as millions of dollars are coming into what was once a stalled economy.